Grace and Tiffany

During Grace’s third year of college she developed an itch, a desire that she didn’t quite understand at the time. She craved attention and found the attention she wanted from flirting and sleeping with guys. She felt like something else was wanted, companionship or familiarity maybe. Guys are just that guys, fun to fuck but not much there in substance sometimes. Grace had become fascinated with a women in her swimming and yoga class, her name was Tiffany.

Tiffany was slim, short and had long brown hair that fell to her waist she wore it in a long braid most of the time. Her eyes a deep green, her skin pale but warm, Grace watches her shower after their swimming and yoga classes.

As the warm water runs down Graces body she glances at Tiffany who is showering across from her. Wanting to approach her to stand behind her, slid her long wet hair to one side so that she can lean down and softly kiss her neck, while running her hands around to cup her small soft breasts, that are just enough to fill Grace’s hand.

Grace faces the wall and rinses the soap from her hair and body, she turns off the water and grabs her towel. Grace goes into the dry sauna and sits on the wooden plank bench. She closes her eyes and thinks about Tiffany how she longs to take her into this sauna lay her down and slowly kisser her entire body.

Grace’s hand has slipped between her legs and her fingers are gently rubbing along her pussy, she lets out a slight moan. She hears the door to the sauna swoosh open.

“Don’t let me interrupt you.” A soft voice says. Grace opens her eyes and sits up.

She smiles warmly at Tiffany who is now sitting along side her. Grace clears her throat and then thinks, I wonder what would happen…Without finishing the thought she leaned over towards Tiffany and kissed her square on the lips.

She started to pull back, but Tiffany put her hand on the back of Grace’s neck and pulled her in. Grace could feel Tiffany’s tongue slid into her mouth as she kissed her back deeply. Tiffany let her towel fall and Grace let go of hers, Tiffany ran her hand along Grace’s shoulder and down to her breasts, she caressed Grace’s breasts and then leaned down and sucked on her erect nipple. Grace moaned and ran her hand through Tiffany’s hair.

“Do you want to move this to somewhere more comfortable?” Tiffany asked. Grace just nodded

The left the sauna, got dressed and ventured to Tiffany’s apartment.

Tiffany rented a small one bedroom apartment on the second floor of a older style building just down from campus. It was small and run down but at least it was convenient, cheep and somewhat clean. Which are all pluses to a college student trying to make it all work. Tiffany took Graces hand and lead her up the narrow stairs to the apartment.

She unlocked the door and they entered, there was a couch with dark blue and yellow flowers on it, a dinged up coffee table and a small t.v. sitting on an end table. There were dark sheets hanging across the one large window and a small table with two chairs in the kitchen area. The carpet was the lovely 60’s dark rust shag variety and did nothing to help pull the room together.

“Not much, I know, but it works for now.” Tiffany said as Grace took in the room.

Grace smiled at her. Tiffany put her stuff down and stood in front of Grace.

“Now where were we.” Tiffany took Grace’s hand and leaned in a kissed her. Grace kissed her back and let out a sigh.

“Do you have to be anywhere soon?” Tiffany asked.

“No, I just want to be here.” Grace answered.

Tiffany took Grace into the bedroom. The small room with a full size bed nicely made up with a comforter patterned with purple flowers, a small three drawer dresser and a black floor lamp. Tiffany turned on the lamp, took off her shoes, shirt and jeans.

She stood in front of Grace in her pink satin bra and matching bikini cut panties. Tiffany ran her fingers through Graces hair moving it away from her face, she moved in and kissed her gently on the lips.
 “I want to taste you, feel you and make you cum.” Tiffany whispered in Graces ear.
She helped her remove her cloths, they laid on the bed, Grace in her white cotton panties and lace bra. Tiffany continued to slowly kiss down Graces body, down her neck, to her breasts, she undid Grace’s bra and removed it.
Then pinched Graces nipples till they were hard and she sucked on them slightly biting at Grace’s erect nipple. Grace moaned.
 “A little pain with your pleasure.” Tiffany said as she moved down kissing Grace’s stomach.
When she reached the top of Graces white cotton panties, she pulled them down to Grace’s ankles and off of her. Tiffany gently pushed Grace’s legs apart and moved in between them, running her hands along the inside of her thighs, Grace closed her eyes, wanting what was to come next.
Tiffany kissed Grace’s inner thigh moving up to taste Grace’s pussy. She licked and sucked gently at her, Grace could feel Tiffany’s tongue sliding in and out of her, making her pussy wet and wanting to cum.
Grace moaned and Tiffany pushed deeper into her, making her moan louder. Tiffany slipped two fingers into Graces now wet pussy, rubbing along her clit making her moan and push back. Grace had her hands on Tiffany’s head pushing her away and then pulling her in.
Tiffany licked and sucked at Grace’s clit as Grace yelled out and came for her, tasting her sweet cum. Tiffany moved up to kiss Grace. Grace enjoyed tasting herself on Tiffany’s lips.
Grace moved and pinned Tiffany to her back in the center of the bed.
“My turn.” Grace said. She kissed Tiffany long, deep and hard, sucking at her tongue.
Grace unfastened Tiffany’s bra and tossed it to the floor, she ran her hands over Tiffany’s breasts caressing and lightly pinching her nipples.
Grace ran her hand down to Tiffany’s panties and rubbed her pussy through her panties. Applying more pressure each time, Tiffany moaned and tried to move, Grace held her down, and keep stroking her pussy, making Tiffany quite wet.
Grace moved up and slid her tongue into Tiffany’s waiting mouth.
 “Turn over.” Grace told Tiffany.
Tiffany turned over onto her stomach, Grace moved in behind her and pulled her hips up so that she was on her hands and knees in the center of the bed. Grace pulled Tiffany’s panties down and slid two fingers into Tiffany’s tight wet pussy.
Tiffany let out a moan and pushed back against Grace’s fingers. Grace then smacked Tiffany’s ass, hard.
 “Fuck.” screamed Tiffany.
Grace then rubbed where she had slapped Tiffany’s ass and slid her fingers back into her pussy. Grace moved her fingers deeper and harder in to Tiffany’s now dripping pussy, Tiffany started to moan and beg Grace for more.
 “Please Grace, please eat me.” Tiffany begged.
Grace slapped Tiffany’s ass again making it bright red, she then moved her over and spread her legs.
Grace licked and sucked at Tiffany’s pussy, sliding her tongue back and forth against her clit. Tiffany shuddered and grabbed Grace’s hair.
“Fuck Grace.” Tiffany yelled.
She came and Grace enjoyed tasting Tiffany’s cum.

Bus Stop

I work as a waitress at a bar and grill called The Lodge, I work late afternoon early evening. I walk pass the same guy at the same bus stop every day, he’s good looking early 30’s, average build about 6 feet tall, short dark hair and wear’s glasses. He is either coming home from work or going to work, I can’t quite tell, he is always wearing black work boots, dark blue work pants, and a black Carhartt work jacket.

He enjoys an energy drink along with a cigarette every time I see him, so one day I took it upon myself to pass out some two for one drink special flyers on my way to work. I crossed the street and walked past the bus stop and made eye contact with his dark green eyes, and smiled at him as I invited him to get a drink at The Lodge. He took the flyer and smiled at me. I told him it would be lovely to see him sometime during happy hour.

Two nights latter there he was, he took a seat at the bar and I asked what I could get him. He ordered a rum and coke. We smiled at each other, made small talk he stayed till my shift was over. We walked back to my place just down the block from work. We entered my small studio apartment he took off his jacket and stood in front of me, he un-clipped my hair and ran his hand through my dark red shoulder length hair and leaned in and kissed me.

“We going to exchange names?” He asked.

“Does it matter?” I asked.

“Not really.” He said.

I felt his tongue slide into my mouth and I let out a moan. I pushed into him and slid my arms around him, he ran his hands down to my ass and pulled me in to him. I dropped to my knees and undid his pants, I took his erect cock into my mouth and slowly started to lick and suck. I slid his cock deep into my mouth and sucked harder he let out a moan. I stroked his cock while I let it slide in and out of my mouth.

I stopped and stood up in front of him and he kissed me deep and hard. He then undid my jeans and slid them along with my panties down to my ankles and I stepped out of them, he then pulled off my shirt and removed my bra. I sat on the edge of the bed and he pushed me back on to my back, he removed his shirt and lowered himself down between my legs. He gently kissed my inner thigh and slowly moved up to my pussy. He started licking and sucking at my clit, making my pussy wet and wanting. He slid his tongue deep into my pussy and sucked on my clit.

Making me moan and push my hips up to him. He slid his fingers into me, and I let out a deep moan, feeling his fingers slide in and out of my wet pussy. I wanted him, I wanted to feel his hard cock in me. He moved up and ran his hands over my breasts and pinched my hard nipples, he took my nipple into his mouth and sucked. He moved to my mouth and kissed me I could taste my cum on his lips. He slid his hard cock into my wet pussy and thrust deeply into me.

I arched my back and wrapped my legs around his back and pushed into him.  He moved off of me and turned me over onto my stomach. I got up on my hands and knees, he moved in behind me and slid his cock into my pussy, thrusting deep and hard. Making me cum and yell out. He moved faster and harder into me the he came deep in me. We laid next to each other breathing in the moment.



Standing at the foot of the bed, naked, you stand behind me and brush my hair to the side and gently kiss the back of my neck. Your arms slide around me and you rub my breasts with your hand.

Lightly pinching my nipple. I can feel your body pushing against mine and holding me close to you. I lay on my back in the center of the bed, and run my hand down to my pussy, I let my fingers slide into my pussy, rubbing my clit making me moan.

You stand there at the foot of the bed and watch me finger myself making my pussy wet. You rub you hard cock, sliding your hand up and down the shaft, wanting to be inside me to feel my tight, wet pussy around your hard cock.

You spread my legs and lower yourself to my pussy. You slowly kiss and lick at my pussy, feeling your tongue slide into me. You lick and suck at my clit, making me so wet and wanting to cum.

I feel your tongue plunge deeper in to my pussy and you make my body shudder and cum. You move up my body kissing and rubbing, sucking on my erect, hard nipples.

You run you hand down my body and slip your fingers into my pussy. Feeling your fingers slide deep into me, feeling how wet you make me.

Making me moan and move with your fingers pushing deep into my pussy. You kiss me and I can taste my cum on your lips. I slide my tongue into your mouth and kiss you deeply.

You lay on your back and I move down to your erect, hard cock, I run my hand down the shaft and I slide your cock into my mouth, sucking lightly at first and then I let it slide deeper into my mouth and I suck hard, feeling your cock slide in an out of my mouth.

Making you moan, making you want to cum feeling me suck your cock. I straddle your hips and slide your hard cock into my wet pussy, slowly moving back and forth, sliding your cock deep and then sliding it almost all the way out, just to let you push back in, harder and deeper.

Thrusting my hips against you, feeling you in me, fucking me, making me wet and wanting to cum all over your cock. Wanting to fill you cum deep in me.

You move me off of you and I lay on my stomach, you move in behind me and pull me up to my knees, you slide your cock into me and thrust hard, fucking me fast and hard, making me scream out in pleasure.

We lay there just listening to each-other breath, your hand on my breast rubbing my nipple, moving into me and kissing me, letting me suck on your tongue, you move down and suck on my nipple.

Rubbing my breasts and sucking on my hard, erect nipple. Laying there just breathing, feeling and enjoying the moment.

Tripping Through My Memories


first kiss

It was summer, I was 14 and I had discovered the music of Queen, which I listened to constantly on my Walkman. I had let my very good friend dye my long dirty blonde hair, red, with permanent hair coloring, my mother was not amused. She let me grow it out and then she chopped it all off at my chin line. I was attending one of those summer camps that teach theater, dance, music and art. I was into art, watercolor, sculpture, calligraphy and film appreciation, that summer we were studding Jodie Foster.

There was a guy, (there is always a guy) he was a little older 16 I think, we had many classes together we talked, hung-out and flirted. Towards the end of camp during our film appreciation class he started taking my pencil out of my hand repeatedly. Film appreciation class was taught in a theater style classroom we sat towards the back of the room and the lights were dimmed, we were finishing up with Silence of the Lambs. Needless to say I was getting quiet annoyed at him. On his third attempt he took my pencil out of my hand and then grabbed my hand and interlaced his finger with mine and gave a little squeeze. We sat there hold hands, it was a new sensation, butterfly’s in the stomach and tingling of goosebumps running up my arms.

By the end of class he had his hand resting on my leg, moving his thumb back and forth over my white jean shorts with paisley blue and purple flowers printed on them. I wore those shorts almost every day that summer, topped off with a purple tee shirt, a belt and earrings. Aw the 90’s way to many belts, earrings, necklaces and hair clips. We left class together and walked out between two buildings, the sky was a crisp blue with a warm breeze, it was quiet and secluded.

He asked me if I had ever been kissed. I of course at that time told him no. He asked if I would like to be kissed. Being someone that doesn’t say no very often to anything, said yes. He said just do what I do, so I did. I stood in front of him and he leaned down and I leaned in and we kissed, I felt his lips press against mine and his tongue slide into my mouth, I sucked on his tongue and then slid mine into his mouth. It felt natural, relaxed and good.

an introduction it anatomy

Towards the end of my Junior year of High School, had a friend, she set me up with a guy to let’s say practice with. This guy was the worst kisser, she did warn me, some people just can’t kiss. But what he lacked in kissing ability he made up for in a hands on anatomy demonstrations.

After school one day we end up over at a baseball field, in the dugout he was demonstrating how to grind. He stood against the wall of the dugout and I move into him I could feel his very nice hard cock pushing up against me through his sweatpants. His hands on my hips pulling me into him, can you feel that he asked, yes, yes I could. He taught me how to breath with another person without having to say anything, just be in the moment with them.

first time

My first public boyfriend, typical boy meets girl, skip class together go to a park get to know one another. After school we went back to his house, because hello latchkey kids no parents around. Side note best time for getting away with things is the hours between the end of a school day and the be home for dinner time. Seriously had more sexual experiences between the hours of 3 pm and 6 pm then any other time in High School. First time making out in his bedroom after school, a typical messy teenagers bedroom, posters of bands on the walls, clothes, books and papers all over the floor, I still don’t know what color the carpet was.

I was sitting on his desk with my shirt unbuttoned and my bra undone, he was sucking on my nipples and leaving hickeys on my neck and shoulders. One of which had to be airbrushed off of my senior picture, my mother did not see the humor in that.

The song now acquainted forever with my first time is 500 miles by the Proclaimers, suppose it could be worse it was the 90’s. He was my first,  I do wish someone had reminded me that it was going to hurt, but that aside it was good. As good as two people not knowing a whole lot about what they were doing at the time, can be. It was quiet and intimate just breathing each other in and enjoying the moment together. It awoke in me this thing a feeling, need, desire, the once you have it you always want it, craving that I had never experienced before. It was now a game, a challenge with a wonderful reward at the end.

first oral

Through my first boyfriend I meet someone that I had instant chemistry with, four of us skipped the last two classes of the day and drove out to the river, to hangout that’s what teenagers do they hangout. My first boyfriend who was more interested in me giving him a hand job whenever possible, was occupying my time doing just that.

My new instant chemistry friend gave us all rides home, one person in the group always has to have a vehicle. We dropped off my boyfriend so he could go to work and the two of us went to my house. He parked and we went into my backyard, there was a spark an instant need to want to be with this person, chemistry, instant attraction. He moved into me and we kissed, it felt like we had an unspoken connection. He was a very good kisser, we didn’t say much just kissed and groped each other. Deep passionate take your breath away kisses, that were very nice.

Even more fun we ended up working together at my first real job during my senior year of High School. We definitely had our moments of pleasure during our time together. He was the first and only guy I ever snuck into my mother’s house. We were co-workers on the closing shift, it was 1 am, I let him into my bedroom, we listened to music, Garth Brooks of all things, I was young and impressionable, didn’t know any better, at least the county music thing was short lived.

He was the first guy to introduce me to oral sex. He unbuttoned my jeans, unzipped them and hooked his thumbs into my jeans and panties and slid them down to my ankles. I took off my shirt and bra, dropping them to the floor. I stepped out of my jeans and panties and sat on the edge of the bed. He knelled before me and ran his hands along the inside of my thighs moving my legs apart. He gently pushed me back on to the bed and moved himself in between my spread legs. He gently kissed my pussy, before starting to lick and suck at my clit, feeling his tongue slide in and out of my pussy, making me moan with pleasure. As he licked and sucked at my pussy, I ran my hands through his hair pushing him in deeper. I let him suck and lick my pussy till I came. We ended up laying in bed discussing the future.

consequences of actions

On to what I consider a miss step in my relationships, on graduation night, I was talked into attending the grad party, and introduced to a guy that I now wish I had not meet, however being that he is a part of my past he at least gets a mention. At the grad party fueled by adrenaline and excitement as well as the realization that High School was now over, and what the hell am I suppose to do now, this guy was a needed distraction from reality. We ended up making out rather quickly that night.

I made it home around 5 am, collapsed into bed, called in sick to work the next morning, then got a call from my new friend to go to the movies. Of course I went, unfortunately I still had that first boyfriend at the time, I got caught up in the excitement of a new person paying attention to me and honestly kinda forgot about him. Not realizing the damage I was about to do, I came home from my outing at the movies to my mother informing me that I can’t string two guys along at the same time. Even though at that point it was three but that is neither here nor there.

So I called boyfriend number one and broke it off with him, destroying his illusion of trust and making him hate me.

I then hung-out with my new found friend, we had one night of trying to have sex that just didn’t go well and ended in stupidity and immaturity.

He went away for school and ended up in prison, he was not very street smart and got himself into situations that he then paid for. He did write me letters from prison and had a few phone calls, he was nice enough to share some very disturbing stories of prison life that I could have done without. I did see him in passing when he came home from his time in prison, he was hanging on a tall leggy blonde and didn’t even acknowledge me.

the strange ones

College was a wonderful place to learn how to flirt and pick up guys for meaningless sex. Or a way of getting my fix without having a relationship attached. Thank you institution for higher learning. So I was introduced to a guy that had gone to a private Christian High School and was raised by a older single mother. We ended up back at his house, he lived at home with his mother. She was out for the evening, we sat at the kitchen table and I asked if he had ever been kissed. He said no, strong Christian beliefs of waiting till you find the one and all.

I ask him if he would like to kiss me, he says yes, I lean in and gently press my lips to his and slowly slid my tongue into his mouth, he reciprocates then broke it off. He got up from the table and passed into the kitchen. I was slightly put off by his response, I got up and moved over to where he was standing, I put my arms around his waist and we embarrassed, I kissed him again and he let out a moan.

He then lead me upstairs to his mother’s bedroom, he turned on the t.v. Star Trek Deep Space Nine was on. He then actually surprised me, he pushed me back on to his mother’s bed, complete with the pink and green flowered comforter and lace trimmed throw pillows. He undid my jeans and slid them down to my ankles along with my panties. He gently moved in and licked and sucked my pussy till I came.

I don’t know if he was rebelling or just embracing the moment but it was good. So in my mind the fine line of Christian beliefs you can’t have intercourse but you can have oral. He became a good friend although we never did anything else sexually.

The ‘oh my God’ what was I thinking ones, a guy I had known slightly in Jr. High, shows back up in my life in college, ok we had a class together he was my ride home from a late evening class. All good, kinda messed around a little, I was a little to forward, he made comments like I can’t believe you just did that, then it got strange, after an afternoon at his house messing around, making out, letting him feel me up, and what not.

He drops the phrase ‘I want your soul.’ I told him it was mine and no, thinking he was kidding. It got quiet. the room filled with a strange vibes, I got an uncomfortable gut feeling, like he was going to take out a knife and do a blood and fire ritual right on the spot kinda feeling. Needless to say that was definitely the end of that.

The only other one that compares is the guy I went out with once, we took a drive and parked made out a little. He then declared during a conversation with others that it was fine to beat the hell out of a women if she didn’t comply. I did spend an interesting night with that guy’s sister watching porn. Out at their house, she raided her parents porn stash, I am all up for watching porn, it was just weird doing it in someone’s else’s parents bedroom.


the real fun

I consider myself a natural when it comes to playing pool, I spent many hours shooting pool in the games area of the student center in college, which of course lead to meeting a guy. He watched me play for a few days and then approached me with the line, ‘let me help you with that.’  He came up behind me while I was getting ready to take a shot and showed me that my finger needed to hold the cue like this and to move my arm through the shot. Let’s just say I enjoyed his hands and brushing against me more than the unsolicited advice.

The second time he decided that he needed to assist me in lining up a shot, I whispered to him that we could finish this demonstration in private, if he preferred. He preferred and we ended up in his dorm room. He stood in front of me in his dorm room and said things like, you don’t understand how turned on I am by you, especially leaning over the pool table in those jeans.

He moved towards me and we kissed, deeply, as he ran his hands over my ass, pulling me up and into him. He sat on the bed and I put on some music, I pushed play on his cd player and Name by The Goo Goo Dolls came on. I am not one to judge others musical preferences. I did a strip tease for him, which he enjoyed as he undid his pants and started rubbing his cock while I undressed. I came over to the bed, got on my knees and proceed to suck his cock, he let out a moan. I pushed him on to his back and straddled his hips, sliding his hard cock into my pussy. Enjoying each other I gave him what he wanted and I got what I needed.

On returning to college the fall after my father passed away, all I wanted was to be around people, not necessarily interact with them just know that they were there. I took up hanging out in the student center playing cards, shooting pool, making small talk with strangers, flirting with everyone, guys and girls just for some attention. Should have been going to class more but my mind was not interested in learning at that point, my heart was looking for comfort. My body was looking for some sort of enjoyment to numb the pain of loss.

I started up with a guy in my trigonometry class, flirted with him quickly got to making out in public, because I seriously didn’t care what other thought at that point and was just after the high of physical contact from another person. We meet up in a dorm room, once again a very messy room with papers, books and clothing scattered everywhere. I laid on my stomach on the bed and he started to massage my shoulders, moving his hands down my back and then to my legs. I was at the time wearing purple sweatpants and a gray tee shirt, with nothing else on underneath. Let’s just say underwear at that point in my life just got in the way. He slid my sweats down and I turned over on to my back and he fingered me and ate me out. It was a short lived experience but enjoyable.


Sometimes in life you meet people that awaken things within you that you never knew you possessed. This guy taught me more about myself, human nature and life during our brief acquaintance. He called me out after class, out of the blue, someone is calling my name as I walk down the hall to go to lunch after an English class. He caught up to me, we went to lunch, had pizza, made small talk about college majors and careers.

Don’t really know how it got to the next level, depraved minds think alike. He asked me to come to his office wearing particular clothing, so I did as requested, I wore black stretch pants and a long gray

button down shirt. I went into his office and he closed and locked the door behind me, we talked for a few and then he told me he had had a dream about me, a dream about being inside me and wanting to fuck me.

I was seeking attention and he was giving it, so he moved over to me and unbuttoned my shirt and caressed my breasts, undid my bra and started to suck on my nipples. He moved me over to the floor next to his desk and I laid on my back, he removed my stretch pants and panties and slid his hard thick cock into me. Feeling him slid in and out of me making me so wet and then fucking me till I came, then feeling him cum in me was just so needed at that point. It felt so good, so much emotional release.

It help to feed that need, the carving that I had been carrying around. Apparently nothing like a really good fuck to help regain clarity on life. The second time with him was in a basement of a building, there was a yellow plastic school chair that I sat in while he kissed, sucked and licked my pussy. Then I sucked his hard thick cock, it felt so good feeling his hard thick cock sliding in and out of my mouth. Sucking and stoking his cock then letting him fuck me hard and deep, I think we were both slightly depraved and in need of a physical release.

The third time was at his apartment, in his bedroom, completely naked and thoroughly enjoying each other to an extreme. I was laying on the bed naked, he was moving towards me spreading my legs, licking and sucking at my clit, feeling his tongue slide into me, his finger pushing into me making me so wet and wanting. He moved up to my breasts kissing them and caressing them sucking on my hard nipples.

Then he lays on his back and I move down to take his hard thick cock into my mouth, sucking and enjoying. I straddle his hips and slowly slid his hard cock into my wet pussy, taking him deep in me, I sat up and lean back he let out a moan of pleasure, he reaches up and grabs my breasts pinching my nipples.

I move faster thrusting him into me deeper, fucking him till we both came and collapsed in utter bliss. Just laying there breathing each other in and enjoying the high. Bizarre side note to this one we never kissed, we used each other for sexual release but never kissed. Kissing is an intimate thing fucking is just a physical need.

going after it

I am a flirt, I started making eye contact with a guy during a class, it was a once a week three hour class that had a ten minute break after the first hour and half. During this break he comes over to me, introduces himself and we chit chat about whatever. Moving on I go find his dorm room a few days later, it’s a late class so this is the after dinner before class time, I find him in his room, at least his room was cleaner than the others I had encountered. There was a mix of Oasis, Pearl Jam and Beck playing on his stereo. He invites me in, we talk about the music playing and then he says ‘I am going to lay down for a few before class, join me.’ Of course I do otherwise why am I here.

I take my shoes off and we lay down together, he starts running his hand along my leg up to the top of my jeans. He unbuttons and unzips my jeans, then slides his hand down between my legs and proceeds to finger me. Without saying anything just enjoying the moment of pleasure, as his fingers are sliding in and out of my pussy.

I feel his hard cock pushing against me, I reach over and rub his cock through his pants, he lets out a moan. I undo his pants and stroke his cock while he is fingering me, making me cum. I slide my hand up and down his shaft until he cums. He stops gets up and says your bad, very bad. He gets some clean clothes and leaves the room. I get up and straighten myself out and that was that. I let him finger me, I gave him a hand job and he decided that I was a bad idea and we went our separate ways. Once again have to question was it just one of those taking advantage of the situation things to enjoy the experience and then having doubt? Why the doubt, did you enjoy yourself, then what’s the problem, no harm, no foul.

While looking for this guys dorm room I ran into a guy that I had photography class with and after a brief conversation about the project due in class and that I was kinda stuck on part of it. A deal was struck, this guy was very nice kinda shy and lacking in experience, since I needed his assistance in class he asked me for a favor, all he wanted was to experience his first kiss, so I helped him out with that.

I moved in towards him and gently kissed his lips, then I slowly slid my tongue into his mouth and he slid his tongue into my mouth and I gently sucked on it. He let out a moan and I moved back, he says one more to make sure I got right, so I let him kiss me again, he was a natural. I think it was at that point that I realized that you can use sex to obtain things.

fractured memories

It’s at this point that I stumble upon my next public relationship, this guy I picked out, I followed him, I initiated the flirting and made the first move. After about a month of flirting and purposely being in the same place at the same time, we were sitting next to each other in the lounge area of the student center with a few mutual friends. I do believe he asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with him. We didn’t go to the movies though, we went for a drive and parked. We talked we made out, it was the beginning of a relationship. At the end of the semester right before winter break of which I was going on vacation with my family for two weeks. He drops the I Love You, on me as it is time for me to not see him for the next two weeks. I was caught off guard, being one that has learned how to give lip service thanks to my mother, always told her what she wanted to here regardless of the truth or what I felt. I said it back to him on the spot. Of course much later I found out that he had said it on a dare to see what I would do. Kinda fucked up, at the time I thought he was sincere.

So at this time in my life I decide to move into the dorms on campus and away from my mother, which of course she was not to happy about. But it had to be done, I needed my independence. I moved into the dorms but I did not live there, I lived in this guy’s bedroom and house with his parents. His parents didn’t seem to mind me being there, they were very nice. I think they were just relieved that their son had a relationship with someone. Personally don’t remember a lot of details during that semester, because when you don’t sleep you don’t make memories. Thankfully I was taking Photography that semester and ended up with a good collection of photos to go with my lack of memories. What I do remember is hanging out at Denny’s drinking coffee till 3 am then collapsing into bed and trying to make an 8 am class.

We spent a good amount of time in bed together, learning that sleeping naked next to someone is a great comfort. He was caring and gentle the sex was, not very memorable apparently, let’s call it traditional, we fucked, usually missionary style, he went to sleep. We were dating, we went to classes, he helped me pass Trigonometry of which I had failed along with World History the semester before. We hung out with groups of people, when to movies and concerts. It seemed to be all good till one day when it just wasn’t. I had moved back to my mother’s house after the semester was over, he wasn’t too happy about that. I can see why we were together a lot, during the semester and then I just went home and kinda left him hanging. No longer having someone to sleep next to is jarring. I went by to see him and something had changed, we tried having sex but it was rushed and felt forced. I think we both knew at that point it was over. He did politely come by my mothers house and break up with me.


We ventured out to an old junkyard out away from town to take some photos, my boyfriend considers himself an amature photographer and I his muse.

I have a cute little body, short but firm, slightly muscular but still have my curves. I also will do anything he asks of me. So today we are out at this junkyard, there is an old yellow ford pickup truck that he says is perfect for a shoot.

So we take a few pictures, me standing next to the driver side door bare chested, so that the side mirror is reflecting my breasts in the photo. Me with my little blue jean cut off shorts pulled slightly down to showcase my little round ass.

Then me all out naked laying on the hood of the truck. It is at this point my boyfriend puts down the camera and comes over to me.

He pulls me to the edge of the hood and spreads my legs, he sucks, licks and enjoys my shaved, wet, tight pussy.

Feeling his tongue plunge deep into me, making me cum, I want to feel his hard cock in me.  He stepped back and removed his pants, he then mounted the hood of the truck.

He turned me over so that I was on my hands and knees and he slid his hard cock into my wet, pussy. I pushed back against him thrusting him deeper into me, feeling him fuck me and making me cum.

He thrust faster and deeper into me making me yell out in pleasure.

I moved over to face him, we kiss, I sucked on his tongue as he caressed my breasts.

I then leaned down and took his cock into my mouth enjoying the taste and sucking till he moans and cums in my mouth. Enjoying the sensation of his cum hitting the back of my throat, I swallow it down.

I Won’t Tell

I had a conversation with an slightly older guy who was married and attending college, I walked up to married student housing with him one afternoon so he could grab lunch from home. I was asking him what was wrong with me that I couldn’t maintain a relationship at that point with anyone. He told me as we were standing in his apartment making ham and cheese sandwiches, that it wasn’t me and if he wasn’t married he would definitely take advantage.

After having this heart to heart discussion he came over to me and put his hands on my shoulders and leaned in and kissed me sweetly. He then whispered in my ear, believe me it’s taking a lot restraint not to bend you over this couch and enjoy every inch of you. I was flattered.

I grabbed his wrist and looked him in the eye, “I won’t tell.” I leaned into him and kissed him. He slid his tongue into my mouth and kissed me hard. He unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down along with my panties to the floor he went to his knees and started to lick and suck my pussy. I let out a moan of  pleasure feeling his tongue slide into my pussy and suck on my clit. I ran my hands though his hair and pushed him deeper into me.

My body shuddered as I came. He stood up and kissed me I could taste my cum on his lips. He undressed and I removed the rest of my cloths, he bent me over the back of the couch and slid his fingers in and out of my wet pussy making me cum again. We moved to the front of the couch and he sat down, I dropped to my knees and took his erect cock into my mouth, letting it slide in and out of my mouth. Sucking, licking and rubbing my hand long his shaft. He moaned and moved me up to him, I straddled his hip and slid his hard cock into my wet pussy. He rubbed my breasts and pinched my nipples, then started to suck on my nipple as I fucked him. Thrusting him deep into me and enjoying every moment of  it. He came in me and we sat there just breathing in the moment, kissing and holding each other.


As I am sure we all have our own prom stories, this is mine. I was a Senior dating a Junior in High School, as so we attended his Junior prom. This Junior prom was being held in a elementary school gymnasium.

This being my first and only prom, I borrowed a dress from a friend. It was a nice dark green gown that came down to just above my knees, we danced and talked.

As the night progressed I noticed my friend not appearing to be having a good time. His girlfriend was off being a social butterfly and he just looked miserable sitting all alone.  My date at the time was being preoccupied with other friends.

So I went over to my lonely looking friend, who I had a history of messing around with. I leaned over and whispered into his ear.

“Count to ten then follow me.” He smiled at me.

I left the gym and found an unlocked classroom down the hallway, he came walking down the hallway and I grabbed him by the arm and lead him into the open classroom.

I locked the door and left the lights off, I then waked over to the teachers desk, I removed my panties and took a seat on the edge of the teachers desk. I pulled up my dress and he walked over and stood in front of me.

We kissed and he dropped to his knees in front of me and started to lick and suck my pussy. I spread my legs further and leaned back, feeling his tongue slide into me making my pussy wet and wanting.

He tongued at my clit making me let out a moan of pleasure, I ran my hands through his hair pushing him deeper into me. My pussy was dripping from his tonguing and I wanted him to fuck me.

I pushed him back and he stood up and I undid his pants and took his hard cock into my hand and started stroking it. He moaned, leaned in and kissed me, I could taste my cum on his lips.

I pushed him back and he sat in the teachers desk chair, I got off the desk and dropped to my knees in front of him. I took his cock into my mouth licking and sucking. Letting it slide in and out of my mouth, I sucked harder and he moaned.

I stopped and stood up leaned into him and said  “Please fuck me.”

He got up and turned me around, and put me on my stomach across the teachers desk. He moved my  dress up and he slid two fingers into my wet pussy, moving them in and out and making me want to fuck him even more.

He withdrew his fingers and I felt his hard cock, push into my pussy, feeling him thrust into me deep and hard. He moved faster siding in an out of me, making me cum, I felt my body shudder when he came in me.

He moved away form me and I turned to face him.

“Feel better” I asked. He moved into me and kissed me hard and deep. I let out a sigh.

“Yes.” He said.

The One Stop

For convenient’s sake I frequent the One Stop that is down the street from my apartment. On a bad day I will drop by at least three time, because you always need something else that you had previously forgotten.

So there is this guy that works the counter, his name is Drew, I know this because he has one of those red work vests that says

“I am Drew How may I help you” on the nameplate.

He’s cute, medium build, has that thing with his hair, where you just want to run your hands through it, short but full. A kind face, deep green eyes and a nicely trimmed full beard.

After a few months of daily flirting I decided to give him an invite to The Lodge, a bar and grill where I work the late afternoon, early evening shift. On this particular day I was buying a chocolate milk and a cranberry muffin for a quick snack before work. As he was handing me back the change from my purchase I handed him a two for one drink special flyer for the Lodge. I gave him a smile, he glanced at it and gave me a smile back. I took my purchase and headed out the door to work.

Towards the end of my shift he came in, took a seat at the bar and ordered a beer, we did the whole glance across the room thing and had come to a silent agreement. After my shift we walked the few blocks back to his place. A small one bedroom apartment, with just the essentials small kitchen area, tiny bathroom and a room that just barely fit a full size bed and nightstand.

As we entered the apartment Drew asked “So do you have a name?”

“Maybe.” I answered and smiled.

As we entered the apartment I noticed a stereo and very nice guitar sitting in the corner of the living room.

“What’s that for?” I asked out of curiosity.

“I am in a band, the store is just a day job.” Drew answered, I smiled at him.

He turned and stood in front of me I ran my hands through his hair, he leaned in and kissed me. He took my hand and lead me into the bedroom, he switched on the lamp that was sitting on the nightstand. He emptied his pockets on to the nightstand, keys, cash, change, wallet and phone.

I took off my shoes and jacket, then I pulled my shirt off over my head, and undid my jeans and slid them down to my ankles and stepped out of them.

He moved over to me and kissed my neck while sliding his hands around my waist and pulling me into him to. I could feel his hard cock up against me. I reached down and undid his jeans and slid them down so he could step out of them.

Drew took off his shirt as I took his hard thick cock into my mouth, letting it slide slowly in and out of my mouth. He let out a moan and ran his hands through my hair.

I took him deeper and sucked harder until he pushed me back. I stood up and he, laid me on the bed and removed my panties, I took off my bra and dropped it on the floor.

He lowered himself down and started kissing my inner thigh, moving up to my pussy. He slid his tongue into me and I let out a moan of pleasure, feeling him lick and suck at my clit making me so wet.

He moved up my body kissing and rubbing along my stomach to my breasts. He pinched and sucked on my hard nipples while rubbing my breasts. He moved up and I sat up enough to thrust my tongue into his mouth and suck on his tongue kissing him hard and deep.

I took his cock in my hand and rubbed it along my wet pussy, letting him slide slightly in and then out, a little teasing.

“Fuck.” Drew said as he moved off of me and reached for a condom off of the nightstand.

He leaned down and said, “Turn over.”

I flipped over on to my stomach and moved up on to my hands and knees in the center of the bed. He moved behind me and slid his fingers into my pussy, rubbing at my clit and making me want to cum. He withdrew his fingers and slid his thick hard cock into my wet pussy.

I let out a moan and pushed back against him, wanting to feel him deeper in me. He moved faster and harder, fucking me and making me cum all over his cock.

Drew came and collapsed on the bed next to me. I awoke realizing that we had fallen asleep. I stepped into the shower and felt the warm water run down my body I let out a deep sigh, I soaped up and rinsed off. Drew joined me in the shower he put his arms around me and kissed the back of my neck, I turned to face him and he lowered himself to his knees and pulled me in to him.

He slid his tongue into my pussy licking and sucking on my clit. I moaned and held myself up against the shower wall, it felt so good, feeling his tongue slide into me I

let myself cum. He got up and kissed me deeply, I stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel and returned to the bed. Drew showered and joined me on the bed.

“So are we going to say anything about this little experience?” Drew asked.

“Not sure.” I answered. I dressed and got ready to leave.

“So do I at least get to know your name?” He asked.

I smiled leaned over kissed him, and whispered in his ear “It’s Grace.”