Three Days

The Call (Wednesday Night)

Jane’s phone rang, she looked at the incoming call, Charlie it read.

“Fuck, only one reason for him to call.” She answered the phone.

There is only one reason for someone that hasn’t seen or spoken to you in over 20 yrs to call at night out of the blue. That reason is because someone has died.

Charlie is Jane’s younger brother, the middle child. The one that pushed the boundaries and broke the rules but was never punished. Unlike Jane who was the oldest and only daughter that was given responsibilities of starting dinner, helping her two younger brothers with their homework, daily chores and routines.

A constant loop of get up go to school, come home do chores, eat dinner, go to bed. Rinse and repeat. Which she did, followed the rules did what was asked of her, gave lip-service. A regular people pleaser. Till she hit her breaking point. After moving back home after spending a semester living in the dorms on campus, at 20 years old, Jane was told by her mother that there was no reason for her to be going out at 9 pm on a Thursday night with her friends. Jane needed to get away and live her own life. Feeling suffocated, trapped and used being in her mother’s house.

Jane left, she got as far away as she could and never looked back. Charlie on the other hand was always trying to get away from the family, but ended up coming home, settled down and stayed. He married a woman 10 years older than him. He took an office job and is in Jane’s opinion was now chained to a desk and responsibility for life.

“Hey Charlie.” Jane said.

“Jane, mom’s gone.” Charlie said. Jane let out a sigh, maybe now she is at peace with everything, she thought.

Arrangements were made there would be a ticket home waiting at the airport for Jane.


Thursday Morning

Jane packed a bag and got on the plane. She was meet at the airport by Charlie, LeAnn his wife and their two girls. Jane was as polite as she could be, to just get through all of this, the only upside would be getting to see her old friends from school.

They pulled up to the two story house tucked away in the woods and out of town. Scattered toys in the yard, along with a variety of flowers and plants all along the deck. Mom liked her flowers, Jane thought.

When Jane entered she was caught by surprise by the amount of stuff in the little house, it was packed wall to wall with furniture. An easy chair covered with a dark blue sheet tucked in as a makeshift slipcover, a full size couch with an over-sized purple and blue flower pattern on it. End tables with lamps and plants on them, were scattered throughout the living room. Along with stacks of magazines, newspapers, books and boxes of various shapes and sizes.

“Mom had become quite the pack rat.” Jane said, LeAnn just gave here a look. That look of well if you had been around you’d know type of look.

“Mom’s had a hard time since Paul, died.” Charlie said.

Paul was Jane’s youngest brother, he had gotten sick when he was 15 and unfortunately passed away shortly after finding out that he had cancer. Jane understands that losing a child is a devastating thing, but there is always help out there, all she had to do was ask for it. Instead the people around her LeAnn, Charlie and her everyday friends just let her slide away into her own world of delusions.


Thursday Night

Jane borrowed her mom’s car and stopped by her friend Kate’s place of work.

“Surprise.” Jane said as she walked into the office that Kate managed, holding out a bottle of Crown Royal. Kate smiled at Jane.

“Yay, and yes I get off in 10 mins.” Kate said.

They drove out to Kate’s house a quaint cabin out in the woods. Set away from the world. They ate and enjoyed the Crown Royal.

“Mind if I stay the night out here with you?” Jane asked as she handed Kate another drink.

“Not at all.” Kate said.

They talked, laughed, drank and enjoyed just hanging out. After the food was gone and the bottle of Crown was empty, they laid down on Kate’s bed. Jane propped herself up on one arm and leaned over towards Kate. She leaned in and kissed Kate gently on the lips, she moved back to see what the reaction would be. To her surprise Kate sat up, put her hand on the back of Jane’s neck and kissed her back.

“Always wondered what that would be like.” Kate said and turned over. Jane smiled laid down and went to sleep.


Friday Morning

Jane had to meet with LeAnn and Charlie at an attorneys office to go over, assets, debts, life insurance and the will. Jane showed wearing sunglasses and a look of why am I even bothering. Her mother had written her off years ago. As she figured everything had been left to LeAnn and Charlie.

“Well look at that no big surprise there. Why am I even here?” Jane said getting up to leave the attorney’s office.

“Because she was your mother and you owe her to at least be here.” LeAnn chimed in.

“I don’t owe her anything. She replaced me with you years ago.” Jane said and left.


Friday Night

Jane checked into a hotel and made a phone call. There was a knock at the hotel door. Jane answered it.

“Did you bring what I asked for?” She asked.

James a former lover from Jane’s college days, held up a bottle of Jack and a pack of cigarettes. Jane let him in.

They caught up on small talk while Jane had a cigarette and a drink. Jane exhaled.

“Much better now, thank you.” She moved over to where James was sitting on the edge of the bed and leaned in and kissed him.

Jane undressed and laid on the bed, James moved over towards her and kissed her. He slowly moved down her body kissing her and sucking on her nipples. He moved down and parted her legs, he kissed and licked at her pussy. Making her moan, he slid his tongue into her, sucking on her clit and making her cum.

James moved off of the bed and undressed, he then moved over her and slid his hard, thick cock into her wet pussy. Jane moaned and leaned up to kiss him, she slid her tongue into his mouth and could taste her cum on his lips. He thrusted into her, moving faster and harder, she yelled out and pushed up against him.

“Yes, please. Fuck me harder.” She moaned.

James moved off of her and flipped her over on to her stomach. Jane got up on her hands and knees, he moved behind her and slid his cock deep into her. He fucked her hard and fast. They came together and collapsed on the bed together.

Jane sat up lit a cigarette and took a drink from the bottle of Jack. She handed the bottle to James.

“So worth it?” She asked. James took a drink and smiled.

“Yes, you are well worth it.” He said, he moved over and kissed her.

“I am sure you wife wouldn’t agree.” Jane said and took another shot of Jack.



Jane attended her mother’s funeral, full of memories and thoughts of how it was and what it is now. She loved her mother, as anyone dose. Thanked her for giving her life and trying her best, but as an adult she came to the realization that she didn’t like her mother as a person.

Jane got up in front of the funeral attendees and said her peace.

“I loved my mother, I sincerely hope that she is now at peace. I however, did not like the kind of person she was. She lost out on knowing me as an adult, because she couldn’t just let go of the past and move on to a better future. We need to cherish those we have lost in life, not get lost with in our own lives without them. And to LeAnn, you win, you’re the daughter she deserved, obedient to the end.” Jane held up her drink, toasted and downed it.

Jane made her rounds thanking friends and acquaintances that showed up to say their condolences. Then she hit the bar, she was about to down her third shot of Jack when a familiar voice spoke up behind her.

“Hey, Jane.” Casey said.

“Hi.” Jane said and gave him a hug.

“It’s good to see you, thanks for coming.” She said. Casey was down to earth had a good job and an ever growing family.

“So you ready to get out of here and go to the real party?” He asked.

“Hell yes.” She answered.


Saturday Night

Everyone from Jane’s past, that was still around came out to Casey’s there was food, beer and a big bonfire. Casey’s little piece of heaven out away from town, with plenty of room for friends to come and hang out.

Jane drank, smoked and enjoyed talking to everyone that she hadn’t seen in forever.

“So we good?” Jane asked Kate as the night was winding down.

“Ya, were good.” Kate said and kissed Jane on the cheek. Jane just smiled.

As the night was coming to an end Casey gave Jane a surprise.

“Guess who’s here?” He asked her.

“Who?” Jane asked, Casey brought Richard into the room.

“Your chaperon home.” He said, Jane stuck her tongue out at Casey and smiled at Richard.

“I don’t need a chaperon to get home.” She said.

“Yes, you do, we just want to make sure you get home in one piece.” Casey said Jane let out a sigh and downed another shot of Jack.

“Fine, it will be fun.” She said giving Richard a wink.


Sunday Morning

Casey drove Richard and Jane to the airport, hugs and kisses were given and goodbyes were said.

As Jane was getting comfortable in her seat she asked Richard a question.

“So any hope of visiting the mile high club today?” She smiled.

“No, not this time.” He answered and took her hand.

“Just try to relax and sleep.” He said. She put her head on his shoulder and rested her eyes. It had been an exhausting three days.

After they had landed and gathered the bags, Richard and Jane were sitting in Richard’s truck in the underground parking lot at the airport.

“Before we go back to reality, can I make one more inappropriate request?” Jane asked, Richard smiled at her.

“Go ahead.” He said.

“Are you up for a blow job?” Jane smiled. Richard moved his arms and leaned back.

“I wouldn’t say no.” He smiled.

Jane move over towards him and kissed him. Then moved down and unfastened his jeans. She ran her hand up and down his shaft making him hard as she slid the tip into her mouth and started to lick and suck at his cock. Jane slid his hard cock deep into her throat and sucked making him moan. She sucked harder till she could taste his cum hit the back of her throat and she swallowed. She sat back up licking her lips and kissed him, hard and deep.

“Guess you can take me home now. If you want.” She said.

“Or what?” Richard asked. Jane grinned.

“The world is full of possibilities.” She answered.

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