Jane knocked on the door to the little, slightly rundown, house on B St. A few students she knew from working on campus were renting the house and had invited her over for a party.

Brian answered the door and invited Jane into the living room. There were a handful of people talking, drinking and hanging out.

In the background a Star Wars marathon was on the Syfy channel. Jane saw Tim over on the couch and made her way over to sit next to him.

John came over handed her a beer and took a seat next to her on the couch. Jane thanked him and sipped on the beer.

The three of them are sitting on the couch enjoying their drinks. Tim lights up a joint and politely offers it to Jane. She doesn’t partake, but does enjoy the contact high that is occurring because John and Tim are handing it back and forth behind her on the couch.

Brian comes around and hands Jane a second beer. She makes small talk with John and Tim while finishing off the second beer. John has moved his hand to the back of Jane’s neck and is gently rubbing it. Jane moans and rests her hand on John’s leg.

Now that Jane is nice and buzzed sitting on the couch she need to pee. Jane tries to get up gracefully and make her way to the bathroom.

She manages to get up and make it to the bathroom, coming back to the couch however is another thing. Jane miss judges the distance between the coffee table and the couch and catches her shin on the corner of the coffee table, stumbles forward and into John’s lap.

Brian comes by hands Jane a tall glass of ice water and smiles at her. Jane smiles back and drinks the water.

Tim leans over and asks Jane if she would like to join him and John downstairs in Tim’s room. Jane thinks this over for a minute, both Tim and John are nice, good looking and this invitation for enjoying and experience with two guys may never come around again.

Jane smiles at Tim and kisses him on the cheek. Tim reaches over and taps John on the shoulder giving him the heads up. Tim says give me a minute and then follow. Jane finishes her glass of water and then, smiles at John and heads into the kitchen.

While she is standing in front of the sink, John comes up behind her and slides his arms around her waist. He leans in and kisses her neck, Jane can feel his hard cock pushing up against her. He takes her hand and leads her across the kitchen to the basement doorway where Tim is waiting on the steps.

Tim takes Jane’s hand and kisses her, then leads them downstairs. At the bottom of the steps there is a small room with a bed, desk and a lamp. Tim turns on the lamp and starts to undress. He takes off his jeans and tee-shirt, he stands in front of Jane in his boxers and helps her take off her shirt and bra, he then unbuttons her jeans and slides them down along with her panties down to her ankles and she steps out of them.

Tim is on his knees in front of her and starts to kiss, suck and lick her pussy. Jane moans and realizes that John is also undressed and standing behind her. He kisses her neck, rubs her breasts and pinches her erect nipples. Jane’s body shutters from the sensation. Tim stands up and kisses Jane.

John lays on his back in the middle of the bed and Jane moves over to him and starts sucking his hard cock. He moans and runs his fingers through her hair. Tim watches stroking his own cock.

Jane moves up, straddles John’s hips and slides his cock into her wet pussy, moving back and forth taking him deep into her. She leans forward and John kisses her deeply, sucking on her tongue.

Tim moves in behind Jane and gently starts to slide his cock into her ass. Jane feels absolute pleasure of having two guys at once, she pushes back against Tim feeling him go deeper.

The three of them enjoy each other on a primal level each cumming. Then they lay there caressing and kissing each other taking in the moment. Jane moves over to kiss Tim, then turns over and kisses John. Then John and Tim kiss each other, there is just something about two guys that Jane finds intoxicating.

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