Grace sat on the patio and lit a cigarette, she took a deep drag and exhaled slowly. The first light of day had begun to show, it had been a long night. She looked down at her hands looking past the dirt she noticed that a few of her manicured nails were broken.

“I’ll have to trim them all down,” she thought as she poured a glass of Jack and downed it.

Finishing her cigarette and letting out a sigh, she arose from the patio chair and wandered inside and up the stairs. Slowly taking her clothes off and dropping them into the hamper, standing in the bathroom she took out the fingernail clippers from her make-up bag and trimmed her fingernails, short. She then stepped into the shower and turned on the water.

Letting the water wash away the dirt, tears started to stream down her face as she slid down and sat in the corner of the tub, crying.

“I am so sorry, it should have never turned out like this.”

Grace pulled on her robe that was hanging on the back of the bathroom door and crawled into bed. She fumbled for a bottle of water on her nightstand, set up and drank. Then laid back down and fell asleep.

Grace was awoken by the beep of the answering machine. It was daylight Grace wondered how long she had been out for getting up and stumbling into the bathroom, catching her reflection in the mirror Grace saw just how old she had gotten, her hair a red stringy mess, dark circles under her eyes and a pale complexion.

Grace splashed cold water on her face and tried to become conscious, aware of the can of worms that were about to be released and knew that once out they were not going to be sealed up again.

She dressed in dark jeans, a conservative blue blouse, grabbed a pair of tan flats and headed downstairs to the kitchen. Poured herself a cup of coffee added two spoonfuls of sugar, a splash of cream and grabbed a cranberry muffin from the counter top.

She pushed the blinking red button on the answering machine, the first message was from her husband’s assistant, “John it’s 9 am and you’re not here, where are you, please call me.”

The second was from John’s boss “Hey John it’s 4 pm on Monday and no one has heard from you since Friday. Let us know what’s up before we send a search party after you.” Grace sighed and got ready to go do what had to be done.

As she entered the garage and got into her car, she glanced over at John’s car and thought “I’ll have to deal with that latter.” She drove downtown and parked in a parking garage and walked over towards the police station.


It was 10 am on Tuesday when Grace entered the police station.

“I need to file a missing person’s report,” she informed the front desk attendant.

The attendant handed her a form and told her to give as much detail as possible. Grace read over what she had written missing John Summers age 45, height 6 ft, wt. 215 lbs, eyes brown, hair dark brown streaks of gray. Last seen Sunday April 27th.

“Do you have a picture?” the desk attendant asked.

“Yes,” Grace had remembered to grab a pic before leaving the house, she chose a candid one from last summers barque with the neighbors. Grace submitted the missing person’s report and left.

Grace found herself wondering around downtown in the art district, taking her time to look at the sculptures and displays in the window fronts.

Grace had met John during her summer of slumming in Seattle, at a club downtown during the later part of the 90’s. Grace was introduced to John through a friend and after being introduced found herself in a bathroom stall getting to know John real well, she vaguely recalls Metallica being played over the speakers.

Sure that the drugs and alcohol helped to spark their relationship into the whirlwind that it became shortly after meeting. John Summers had just graduated with a degree in business and graphic design. It was all a blur they meet, partied, got married at City Hall, John took a job under the title of v.p. of a software company and they were off and running.

They had built a life together nice house, two cars, played the happy couple at social events but their love had burned out after the first three years and during the last two years had lived like roommates rather than lovers.

After wandering around she found herself getting hungry and tired she headed down to the main drag l myoaded with restaurants and bars.

Grace chose a bar and grill, she took a seat at the bar and ordered a plate of nachos, ice tea and a shot of Jack. She had not realized how long she had been walking around it was now the beginning of happy hour. Grace ate her nachos and drank her ice tea, then downed the shot and ordered another.

A guy took the seat next to her and gave her a friendly smile.

“You look like you could use some cheering up,” he said Grace just smiled. He ordered a beer and they sat there in silence.

Grace finished her second shot of Jack and headed to the lady’s room. He followed her…she stood at the sink gazing into the mirror.

He entered the room and locked the door behind him. Nothing was said between them, she moved towards him to leave he stopped her. He dropped to his knees and pulled her towards him, he unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down along with her panties.

He pulled her to him and began thoroughly enjoying her, sucking and licking her pussy, sliding his tongue into her, making her moan. She swooned and held herself up against the door. He enjoyed and she came, not a word was spoken. Grace returned to her seat and ordered another shot of Jack downed it and left.


Grace awoke to the phone ringing and answered it.

“Mrs. Summers?”

“Yes,” Grace said.

“Would you be able to come down and discuss your husband’s case around noon today?”

“Sure,” Grace answers.

It had been a few months since Grace had made the missing person’s report on her husband and it didn’t surprise her that it had taken this long for them to get back to her.

Detective Eric Stone a well build guy with good hair in his early forties entered the room. Grace looked at him and knew she was in for it now, Detective Eric Stone her friendly stranger from the bar. “Karma is a bitch,” Grace thought to herself.

“Have a seat Mrs. Summers,” Detective Stone said.

“Do you know why you are here?” asked Stone.

“Yes,” answered Grace.

“Why don’t you tell me what happened to your husband John Summers.”

“Alright, I was watching the rain. I like to watch the rain and it was so beautiful with all the lightning. May I have a glass of water?” Grace asked.

“Ya just a minute,” Detective Stone left the room.

Grace checked her make-up on her compact mirror while he was gone.

“Here you go, now please go on,” Detective Stone said. Grace took a drink and continued.

“Well I was waiting for John to come home and when he did finally show up he stumbled in smelling of cigarettes, women and booze.

“He didn’t even say anything just tripped up the stairs to the master bedroom. I went up after him and he was just laying there on the bed all sprawled out he didn’t even take his shoes off,” Grace took another sip of her water and cleared her throat.

“So I left him there and went downstairs to sleep in the guest room. When I got up the next morning he was gone, like he had never even come home,” Grace sat staring at detective Stone.

“And when was this?” Detective Stone asked

“About two months ago,” Grace answered.

“So now you are declaring him missing so that you can move on with your life?” Stone asked

“Yes, that’s right I need to move on, I don’t believe he is ever coming back,” Grace said.

“Well thank you for coming in today, we will keep you informed if anything else come up in your husband’s disappearance,” Detective Stone left the room and Grace gathered her things and left behind him.


While heading back to her car she thought of a guy she once knew and what they had done one afternoon. They entered the hotel room, Grace’s heart was racing and she had a feeling of butterflies in her stomach. She knew what she was doing but it still seemed surreal.

Grace and Matt had had a sexual relationship way back during Grace’s first year of college. There was a serious sexual attraction between them that they openly acted on. Now so many years later Grace is in a hotel room with him ready to act on this attraction once again.

Grace keeps reminding herself that she has John and that they made a commitment to each other, but the rush of adrenaline and excitement of being with him once again is giving her such a wonderful high.

“You do only live once,” Grace thinks to herself as she is standing in a very nice hotel room in the middle of the day. Matt to is married which make this all the more strange of a thing to be doing.

Matt takes a seat on the edge of the bed, Grace pulls a chair from the table and sits in front of him.

“You know how crazy this all is, don’t you?” Grace asks.

“Yes I do, but we’re here, we have come this far,” Matt says. Grace takes his hands and takes a deep breath.

“It was so long ago and we never even kissed,” Grace says.

Grace and Matt’s relationship was one of two people in a place in their lives that they just needed each other physically, the no kissing was one of those rules that you give yourself as a young adult so as to not have an emotional attachment to someone. One of those thing that you figure out much later in life that was complete bull shit.

“No time like the present,” Matt says and he leans in to Grace.

Their lips meet and Grace feels Matt’s tongue slide into her mouth she lightly sucks on his tongue and then slips her tongue into his mouth and he lets out a moan.

Grace moves back and says. “Not bad, guess it was worth waiting for.”

Grace thinks once more about how this is crossing a line, how there are excuses of not being that close with John recently and how at this moment she has some suspicion about John’s relationship with his assistant Jenny. But those are just excuses and Grace knows what she is doing and why, because she needs the high that comes with the passion, excitement and orgasm.

Grace stands up and put the chair back, she kicks off her shoes and starts to undress.

“So are we going to do this?” she asks. Matt gets up and moves towards her and kisses her passionately and deeply.

They undress and lay on the bed, he runs his hands along her thighs pausing at her pussy and gently runs his fingers inside of her, Grace arches her back and lets out a moan. Matt leans down and sucks her nipple as he pushes his fingers into her making her moan and cum.

Grace pushes him back and she moves down to take his erect cock into her mouth, she sucks lightly at first and then harder. she runs her hand along his cock making him moan. Grace then straddles Matt’s hips and slowly slides his cock into her wet, tight pussy.

Grace sits up and thrusts her hips against him, she leans back and he reaches up and grabs her breasts, squeezing and pinching at her nipples. She moves quicker letting his cock slide almost all the way out of her pussy and then plunging it back into her.

Matt grabs her by the hips and rolls her off of him, so that she is now on her back. He kisses her and slowly moves down her body kissing her neck and breasts as he moves down to her pussy, he spreads her legs and slides his tongue into her sucking and licking at her clit making her moan and cum.

Grace shudders from the intensity of feeling his tongue in her, licking and sucking at her making her want to cum and enjoy the high. He moves up to her and kisses her she can taste her cum on his lips, he slides his cock into her pussy and thrusts deeply into her. She arches her back and pushes back. Matt thrusts faster into her and he kisses her deeply as he cums in her.

They lay there on the bed letting what had occurred just sink in, Matt moves over and just holds Grace, feeling her breath next to him. Like and good affair it just ends they shower and walk away back to living their lives as before.

Jack Daniels

Grace sat straight up out of a deep sleep, not sure of where she was and tried to swallow, it felt like razor blades slicing into the back of her throat. She reached for a glass of water and suddenly realized where she was a crappy motel room. She made her way to the bathroom sink and slowly sipped a glass of water the pain in her throat soothed a little.

Grace stood in the bathroom and closed her eyes the girl from a swimming class in college floated in, the one she watched shower every day. Tiffany was slim, short and had long brown hair that fell to her waist. Her breast that were just enough for a handful, she watched Tiffany shower wanting to approach her to move her long wet hair from the back of her neck and kiss it, to cup her small soft breasts to taste her hot wet cum. To take her into the sauna and lay her down, to slowly suck and lick her pussy making her moan in pleasure. Grace moaned to herself and got in the shower.

Grace glanced around the trashed motel room and spotted a note with a folded $50 under it on the stand next to the t.v.

The note read “Enjoyed the ride” -B.

Grace then noticed the cigarettes in the ashtray and the almost empty bottle of Jack Daniels on the night stand, no wonder her throat hurt, along with an open condom wrapper. Well that’s reassuring Grace thought.

Her clothes from the night before were on the floor her jeans that were a size to small on purpose the black low cut top next to the bed and her black lace bra laying across the chair in the corner.

Grace had gone down the street to a bar to relax before having to go see Detective Stone today to wrap up her husband’s case. The night’s events started to seep back in there was a pool table and shots of something probably more Jack and there was a B that was grabbing at her ass all night while she was trying to shoot pool, what was it Bob or Billy she couldn’t remember and it didn’t matter there had been so many other one night events that were hazy in the light of day.

Grace got ready to go see Detective Stone, dressing nicely with slacks, a blouse, a pair of pumps and her conservative white satin bra. She loosely pulled back her shoulder length red hair and secured it with a clip. Good enough she thought and headed out to her car, her little Honda that she adored. She headed downtown to the cop shop to deal with Stone, when she got downtown she parked her car in a parking garage and hit the deli across from City Hall to get a breakfast sandwich and an orange juice.

Grace finished her orange juice along with two aspirin and headed into the police station to see Stone. Grace checked in at the front desk and was escorted back to a room.

“How are you Mrs. Summers?”

“Do you really want to know or are you just being polite?” Grace asked Stone looked at Grace and just grinned.

“I have some papers for you to sign,” Since no one had seen or heard from John since that night Grace was free to sell their belongings and put the house up on the market. Grace signed the papers and left.

As she was walking through the lobby passed the handicap restroom Stone grabbed her arm and led her into the restroom. He locked the door behind them and looked at Grace.

“Now that we have some privacy,” He said.

“What did you have in mind,” Grace asked He moved towards her and kissed her hard and deep she moaned.

He lowered himself down in front of her and took down her pants and panties. He pulled her to him and started to lick and suck at her pussy, Grace moaned and put her hand on the wall to keep her balance as she felt his tongue plunge deeper into her making her cum and gasp for air.

He stopped and stood up in front of her, he put his hands on her shoulders and lowered her to her knees. She undid his pants and took his erect cock into her mouth. She started to suck and he moaned and leaned back against the wall.

He ran his hands through her hair that was now undone, she sucked harder and let him cum in her mouth she felt his cum hit the back of her throat and she swallowed. She keep sucking till he gently pushed her back, she stood up and kissed him tasting her cum on his lips and moaned.

After Grace faced the mirror and reapplied her coral lipstick, re-clipped her hair, popped a few breath mints and left. Stone followed her out of the restroom.

“Are you going to ever tell me what you did with him,” Stone asked.

“Nope,” Grace answered.

Grace returned to the motel room to collect her things and survey the damage from the forgotten night before. As Grace packed up her clothes an image of Billy her pool buddy from the previous night flashed into her mind she was laying on the bed naked and he was sucking the Jack Daniels out off her belly button.

Grace shook her head and mumble to herself. “Should really stop drinking just gets me into trouble.”

The Ring

Grace headed to their home the newer two story three bedroom on the well to do side of the upper middle class neighborhood south of town. Grace pulled up to the garage and decided to start with John’s car that was still parked in the garage, Grace started going through the glove box and came across a little black ring box. She opened it and there staring back at her was a very nice gold banded engagement ring. Must be for his whore assistant Jenny, she thought. Grace took the found ring and her own wedding ring set to a pawn shop and got a nice little chunk of change for both.

After spending the week going through the house giving things to charity and selling anything of value Grace found that she had begun drinking and smoking way more than the usual. The memories attached to the things in the house and the stress of trying to get it all done quickly had lead Grace to drinking more and eating less. Grace was sitting on the floor in the walk-in closet in the master bedroom the Goodwill truck had just left with what was left of John’s clothes and some small furniture. Feeling like she needed a drink Grace picked up her phone and dialed 211 and asked the very friendly operator when and where the next AA meeting would be. She told Grace that by her home address the next meeting would be tomorrow morning at 11 am at St. Mathews.

Grace took a deep breath as she entered the community room at St. Mathews, she took a seat towards the back and watched as a dozen people wandered in, got coffee and sat down around her. The meeting was welcoming and Grace stood when asked if there was any new faces today,

“Hi, my name is Grace and I am an alcoholic,” Grace heard the words coming out of her mouth but was very unsure of why she was needing to confide in these strangers.

Grace continued to attend the daily morning meetings at St Mathews listening to tales of woe and heartache caused by to much indulgence. Grace had surveyed the crowd and made friendly chit chat and a little flirting with the group.


On her way out after the fourth meeting Sam grabbed Grace by the arm and lead her into the empty hallway. Sam was a good looking guy in his early thirties with a nicely trimmed beard and mustache.

“You have got to stop looking at me that way,” he said.

“What way am I looking at you?” Grace asked.

“You know Grace,” Sam said.

Grace grinned she had found Sam quite cute and had made eye contact with him throughout the last few days. Sam moved closer to her and took her hand and ran it over his crotch.

“The way that makes that happen,” he said. Grace rubbed at his hard cock and pushed into him, she slid her tongue into his mouth and he kissed her back Grace let out a moan.

“You know I can help you with that,” Grace said.

“Now?” He asked.

She lead him into an empty room, there was a large wooden desk towards the front of the room and some folding chairs laid out around the room. Grace closed and locked the door behind them. She stood in front of Sam and ran her fingers through his hair, leaned in and kissed him, sliding her tongue into his mouth and sucking on his tongue, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into him. She dropped to her knees and unfastened his pants. She took his erect cock into her mouth and sucked lightly, he let out a moan and ran his hands through her hair. She sucked harder and he moaned louder, he stopped her and she got to her feet.

He kissed her deep and moved towards the desk, he removed her jeans and panties and lowered himself in front of her. He liked and sucked at her pussy making her moan. Sliding his tongue deep into her pussy making her cum. He stood up and turned her around and laid her on her stomach across the desk. He slid his fingers into her wet pussy making her arch her back and push back against him. He then slid his hard cock deep into her wet, tight pussy making her yell out, thrusting into her hard and fast. Sam came deep in her. He moved away from her and Grace got off the desk and redressed.

“Told you I could help you,” Grace smiled at him as she left the room. Grace walked to her car and lit a cigarette.

“I don’t think AA is what I need,” Grace thought to herself.

Road Trip

Once the house was set and everything that could be was sold Grace decided that it was time for a road trip. So she packed up her things and hit the road with the couple thousand in cash she had come up with.

First however a quick stop to say goodbye to Detective Stone, she knew she needed a fix before setting off into the big bad world. Grace had come to the relational that sex was like a drug once you get a taste you will always crave more.

Detective Eric Stone lived in a nice little apartment close to downtown Grace knocked on his door. Eric answered

“Never expected to see you again,” he said.

“Can I come in?” Grace asked he looked her up and down she was in her skin tight jeans and low cut black top that displayed her ample chest very nicely.

“Why not I am sucker for punishment,” he said.

“Thanks you won’t be disappointed,” Grace entered the apartment and headed towards the stereo she put on something soothing in the background she intended to put on a show for dear Eric before saying goodbye. Eric fixed them each a drink and they moved to the couch. Grace downed her glass of whisky and stood in front of Eric who was sitting on the couch.

Grace took off her shoes and swayed back and forth in front of him, running her fingers through her hair, she straddled his lap and leaned in to kiss him she slid her tongue into his mouth and he moaned and grabbed her ass in those skintight jeans. She leaned back and took off her top, he reached around and removed her bra for her and took her breast into his hands and gently sucked on her nipple. Grace moaned and moved back and forth on his lap, she reached down and rubbed at his cock that was getting nice and hard. Grace then got up and removed her jeans and panties.

Eric stood up and Graced helped him shed his clothes. She lead him over towards the kitchen table, Grace leaned over the table onto her stomach and he came up behind her and rubbed her ass and slowly slid his fingers in to her wet awaiting pussy. Grace moaned as she felt his fingers slide deep into her. He then slid his cock into her and felt her tighten around him making him groan and start sliding in and out of her. Grace felt him thrusting deeply into her making her so wet and wanting to cum. She pushed back against him and he stopped Grace turned towards him and lowered herself to her knees, she took his cock into her mouth and sucked until he moaned. Grace stopped got up and walked towards the bedroom, Eric followed.

She pushed him down onto the bed and slowly crawled towards him stopping to rub her hands on his cock she moved up to his lips and ran her tongue along his lips and then slid her tongue into his mouth and sucked lightly at his tongue. She got on top of him and slid his cock into her pussy. She sat up and started moving he felt her so wet and tight she ran her hands through her hair and leaned back, slowly thrusting her hips back and forth against him, he reached up and grabbed her breasts slightly pinching her nipples she gave out a moan and moved faster. Grace keep fucking him till he finally grabbed her and moved her off of him,

“Fuck Grace,” he said getting up off the bed and reaching towards the nightstand to get a condom. Grace just grinned.

“There now it’s my turn,” he grabbed her and pulled her to the middle of the bed He leaned over her kissed her long and hard, while running his hand down her thigh and sliding his fingers into her pussy, he rubbed at her clit making her moan.

He flipped her over so that she was on her stomach. Grace got up on her knees and he rammed his cock into her hard and fast she held in a yell and moved with him, fucking her. He moaned and came deep in her and she enjoyed every hard thrust he gave her. Nothing more was said between them Grace showered redressed and headed towards the door, he stopped her and kissed her deeply, she gave him a smile and left.

Grace drove north out of town, watching the sun set in the early August night a bright orange hue cascaded over the open fields, as she headed off to find a new path to take. Listening to the radio and letting the warm air stream through her open window, Grace sighed to herself, open road money on hand letting the wind take me to wherever. A roommate Grace once had wandered into her mind as she drove, Kelly who always looked like the innocent girl next door, had shared an apartment with Grace one semester in college. Grace heard them come in, they had to know she was home.

She listened to them stumble into Kelly’s bedroom. Grace quietly entered the hallway and looked into the other room, the desk lamp was on and she could see them laying on the bed naked. Kelly and whoever she had brought home for the night. He was on top of her and she was moaning. Grace crept closer to the slightly open door and watched as he sucked on her nipples and slipped his fingers into her pussy, he then thrust his cock into her and she let out a moan of pleasure. Grace was watching intensely and found that her own hand had slipped between her thighs and her fingers were rubbing her pussy.

Grace let out a moan and he looked at her, Grace froze and their eyes meet. Grace caught her breath and returned to her room, she listened as they finished with moans and screams of pleasure. Grace laid in bed and he came into her room wearing a towel and closed the door behind him.

He held his finger to his lips and gestured shh… He approached her bed and removed her blanket and sheet. He gently spread her legs and lowered himself down to her, he licked and sucked at her pussy making her moan and cum. Grace just laid back and took it all feeling his tongue in her, making her cum. He stopped dropped the towel and moved up to her mouth and kissed her deeply she could taste her cum on his lips. He slid his hard cock into her and she let out a moan. Feeling him fuck her deep and hard she came with him.

He kissed her and whispered to her… “Didn’t want you to feel left out.”

James Dean

Grace drove into the night till she spotted a sign that read Barney’s Bar & Grill come join us for a drink and excellent BBQ next exit.

“Well I could use some entertainment,”  Grace thought to herself.

She pulled off at the next exit and headed down the dusty road and there it was sitting in the middle of a large dirt lot Barney’s Bar & Grill in bright red neon. Grace pulled into the parking lot and stopped, she glanced at the cars, trucks and motorcycles all parked around the building.

“Should be an interesting crowd,” she thought.

Grace was dressed in dark jeans and a plain grey tee-shirt along with a pair of black flats. Grace looked in the rear-view mirror and applied her coral lipstick, removed the clip from her hair and let it flow over her shoulders.

“Good enough,” she said and got out of the car, she put her keys, id and cash into her pockets and headed inside.

The bar was warm, crowded and loud. Grace made her way to the bar and ordered a beer, she figured she should start slow it would be a long night. She sat and watched the crowd of cowboys, bikers, workers and couples all drinking talking and getting on with each other. She decided to order a BBQ bacon burger and fries, the smell from the kitchen was enough to make you drool.

There were tables scattered around, a small dance floor with a jukebox blaring some Rascal Flatts song and a pool table.

Grace ate her meal and watched the guy playing pool, he was good, not as good as her but good. She finished off her second beer and ordered a shot of Jack, Grace downed the shot and headed over to the pool table.

“Interested in a real game, best out of seven,” Grace asked the good looking guy, dressed in faded jeans, cowboy boots, and white tee-shirt with the sleeves rolled up, Grace thought to herself how very James Dean of him.

“Sure, why not,” he answered.

They played one game after another, he took notice of how far she would bend over the table to make a shot and she would brush up against him many times. It was tied three games apiece, Grace was on her fourth shot of Jack and about to break for the seventh game. She bend over the table to line up the break and he stepped in behind her and put his hand around her waist,

“How about we call it a tie and settle up in the restroom,” he said She could feel him push up against her and got a rush of adrenaline.

“Ok in the lady’s room in five,” Grace put down the pool cue and walked towards the restrooms.

Grace splashed some cold water on her face and took a deep breath. He came in and they entered the large bathroom stall and locked the door. He leaned into her and kissed her.

“You know I don’t even know your name,” Grace said.

“Does it matter?” he asked.

“Not really,” Grace said.

She took off her shirt, she had stepped it up and was wearing her purple satin bra. He moved into her kissing her neck and rubbing her breast, he reached around and undid her bra and moved down to suck on her nipples and she moaned. She undid his pants and rubbed his erect cock, she lowered herself to her knees and slid his cock into her mouth and sucked. He let out a moan and ran his fingers through her hair. She sucked harder and he gently pulled away from her.

She got to her feet and he kissed her deep she sucked on his tongue making him moan.

“I think we need to finish this somewhere else,” he said. Grace agreed They redressed and left the restroom, Grace stopped at the bar and downed another shot of Jack.

She went to her car and he followed, he put out his hand and said “My name is Aaron.”

“Grace,” she said and shook his hand.

“There is a motel about a half mile up on the left, care to join me there?” Aaron said.

Grace looked at him and considered this for a second,

“Why the hell not,” she said. He kissed her and headed towards his truck.

They arrived at the Northward Inn a small rundown side of the road motel that advertised clean rooms and free HBO.

“All they need is hourly rates available,” Grace thought to herself as she pulled into the parking lot.

Aaron registered for a room and they parked and entered room 17. It was a typical motel room t.v., dresser, small table, two chairs, a night stand and those lamps that are attached to the wall between the two double beds. The beds always had those dark colored paisley prints this one had a dark burgundy with gold trim paisley pattern and dark wood paneling.

Making the room seem much darker than it needed to be. Aaron switched on a lamp.

“You get what you pay for,” he sighed.

Grace took her overnight bag in with her and headed towards the bathroom, the small but clean bathroom. She changed into an over sized dark blue tee-shirt that came down to her upper thighs. She brushed her teeth and combed her hair and gazed into the mirror, looking past her tired eyes and pale complexion. Grace put her bag on the luggage rack in the closet and walked over to the bed.

Aaron stood up when she came over and he slid his arms around her and kissed her. He then went into the bathroom.

Grace pulled down the bedspread, “at least the sheets are clean” she thought to herself.

She locked the door, closed the curtains, those heavy black out rusty gold colored curtains that are standard in any cheap motel and left one lamp on in the far corner. She laid on the bed and Aaron came out of the bathroom only wearing a pair of boxers. He came over and joined her on the bed, he leaned over her and kissed her gently and ran his hand up the inside of her thigh, he slid his fingers inside her pussy she moaned and kissed him.

She let his fingers slid in and out of her rubbing her clit and making her wet. She ran her hand down to his cock and started to rub. He stopped and got up he took off his boxers and Grace lost her shirt. She got up on her knees in front of him and he rubbed her breast slightly pinching her nipples.

He got a condom and then pushed her back onto the bed and got on top of her. He slowly slid his cock into her pussy, feeling her so wet and tight he let out a moan and kissed her neck and rubbed her breasts while he moved into her deeper. She moaned and pushed into him harder. Moving in and out of her feeling her breath quicken and shudder under him, they moved together till she couldn’t stand it any longer and she yelled out and came, he pushed harder into her and came deep inside her. They laid there for a while just breathing each other in and feel asleep wrapped up in each other.

Grace awoke trying to think, trying to remember where she was who was laying next to her, she looked at Aaron still asleep and moved to get up. He tightened his grip around her and pulled her close to him and kissed her. She got up and went into shower. Grace stepped into the shower and felt the warm water wash over her she soaped up and rinsed off. As she was enjoying the warmth of the water Aaron joined her in the shower, he put his arms around her and kissed the back of her neck. Grace turned to face him and he lowered himself to his knees and pulled her to him, he slid his tongue into her pussy licking and sucking on her clit.

Grace moaned and held herself up against the shower wall, it felt so good, feeling his tongue slide into her she let herself cum. He got up and kissed her, she got out of the shower grabbed a towel and went and laid on the bed. Aaron showered and joined her on the bed.

“So we going to say anything about this little experience?” Aaron asked.

“I am not sure,” Grace answered. Aaron leaned over and kissed her, she let out a sigh.

“It’s been a wonderful experience, but looking at reality I am afraid it’s time to go,” Grace said.

“I know,” Aaron agreed.

It was 9 am, time to continue on Grace dressed, packed up and said goodbye to Aaron. Grace got into her Honda and set out back to the highway to head further north. She thought about Aaron and how bittersweet the encounter had been, Grace knew she was treating sex like a drug but at that moment she didn’t care, she had gotten her fix and now it was on to a new place.

Grace drove till she came to a little out of the way town, she drove down the main drag.


“Typical hometown look,” She thought.

Small businesses, bars, restaurants, churches, banks all the usual things. She found motel row and picked the least to get you mugged looking one, close to a Everyday Foods store. The Candlelight Inn what a name Grace thought as she checked in and paid for a week up front, figuring since she was here she would take some time and look around get a feel for the little town in the middle of nowhere.

“Well Overland let’s see what you have to offer a girl,” Grace said as she thumbed through the phone book.

She found that one of the best ways to find things was to skim the phone book. Grace ventured over to the Everyday Foods store and picked up some snacks. Grace decided to hang out in her motel room and catch up on sleep.

Grace drifted off thinking about a lost summer day from a lifetime ago. Grace and James drove out of town towards the ocean. It was a sun filled hot summer day and heading out to feel the cool breeze of the ocean is just what Grace needed. Grace had picked up James, a good looking guy in his mid 30’s at a bar.

James had broad shoulders and sandy blond hair that he wore slightly shaggy. James had been long distance runner in college and still had the legs and abs to show for it. James had bought Grace a drink and he explained his outlook on life, how it was an open road full of possibility. Grace was sure this was a pick up line, but he was good looking and very nice to talk with, so being Grace she thought what the hell.

They drove out towards Seaside to enjoy the day by the water, James was driving and Grace was running her hand up and down James leg, she ran her hand over to his crotch and gave him a generous rub though his cargo shorts. Grace was wearing a light blue bikini under an open over shirt and shorts. James moaned as she rubbed harder at his crotch. James turned into a rest stop parking lot, he shut off the car and leaned over towards Grace, he kissed her long and deep letting her suck at his tongue.

He slid her shirt off and rubbed her breasts. Grace moaned and moved over to remove her top and bottoms. James leaned over to her and sucked at her hard nipple, while rubbing and pinching at her other breast. He ran his fingers down to her waiting pussy, he slowly slid his finger into her wet, tight pussy.

Grace arched her back, let out a moan, letting his fingers slide deeper into her. James fingered her rubbing at her clit, making her wet. He kissed her and sat back into his seat, Grace leaned over him and undid his shorts, taking his erect cock into her mouth and sucked, lightly letting his cock slide in and out of her mouth, then sucked harder while running her hand up and down his shaft. Making him moan, Grace sucked and rubbed till James pushed her away from him.

“Please fuck me,” he begged.

Grace straddled his hips and slowly slid his hard cock into her wet pussy, they both let out a moan as she moved back and forth, thrusting his cock deeper into her.

She moved faster and he pushed deeper into her. He kissed her and felt her pussy tighten around his cock as he came in her. She moved off of him and into her seat she redressed and smiled

“There now can we go to the beach?” James just smiled started the car and continued on towards Seaside.

She awoke around 8 am the next morning “time to face the day.” she said to herself.

She showered and dressed in comfy jeans, a long sleeve tee-shirt and walking shoes. She picked up a map from the front office and had written down some points of interest to check out. She headed towards the downtown area and found a place to park, she walked down the Main Street area and checked out some of the hometown charm, nothing to interesting caught Grace’s eye. It was all very normal looking craft shops, ice cream shops, home decor, antiques and beauty shops.

Grace wandered around for a while and figured it was time for some lunch she stopped at a little deli and had a turkey on wheat with a pickle, chips and an ice tea. Grace sat out on the patio side of the deli and watched the people of this little town going about their lives.

The Backdoor

Grace stopped by a convent store on her way back to The Candlelight Inn to grab a pack of cigarettes. She asked the younger looking 20 something girl running the register where the nightlife was in this little town. The girl offered up that out behind the truck-stop, off route 18 there was a bar where all the locals hangout.

“It called The Backdoor,” the girl said.

Grace hung out in the motel room till around 9 pm, she dressed in her tight blue jeans, low cut black top and black ankle boots. Grace put on her coral lipstick and clipped her hair back.

Grace looked in the mirror and let out a sigh “anything for a fix,” Grace drove out to route 18 and past the truck-stop.

There it was about a quarter mile past, a large warehouse looking building, surrounded by a small dirt parking lot that stretched out into a field of forgotten wheat. A simple small wooden sign hung over the door The Backdoor it read. Grace parked among all the other cars, SUV’s, trucks and motorcycles, she glanced around there were small groups of people standing around talking, smoking and drinking. Grace got out of her Honda locked the door put her keys, id and money into her pockets and headed towards the door.

The unmistakable smell of pot hit her as she passed a group of people, Grace took deep breath as she passed “awe memories,” She thought.

Grace paid the large man that looked like a bodybuilder the $10 cover charge to get in, the very open floor of the warehouse had a bar, tables with chairs, a few pool tables and a dance floor all lighted by a number of moving blue and red spotlights. The music was a mix of classic rock and adult contemporary played just loud enough that you had to raise your voice to a dull yell to be heard. Grace made her way to the bar and ordered a shot of Jack and a beer, she downed the shot and took a seat at the bar to watch the crowd.


Grace’s beer was just past half empty when a voice asked “Would you like another, or something stronger?”

Grace turned to see an older guy, mid 50’s, in good shape with a little more gray than brown left in his hair asking if she would like another drink.

Grace smiled at him and said “Sure how about a shot of Jack?”

He ordered two and introduced himself  “Sean.”

He put out his hand and Grace said “Grace, thanks for the drink,” and shook his hand.

“So what do you think of our little town?” Sean asked. Grace gave him a confused look.

“You don’t look as if you’re from around here,” he said.

“True,” Grace answered.

They chatted about the town and what keep it running and why people choose to call it home. Typical mundane small talk, Grace ordered another beer.

“Care for a game of pool?” she asked him.

“Not my thing,” Sean answered.

“Your loss,” Grace said and headed over to the table.

She played a couple games with the guys that were hanging around. After deciding that this night was not really going anywhere Grace returned to the bar and ordered one more shot of Jack.

“Let me get that for you,” Sean said.

“Sure why not,” Grace said.

Sean handed Grace her shot “Cheers,” Sean said.

“Cheers,” Grace answered.


Grace slowly opened her eyes the light was bright, she shut them again, her head pounded and her body ached. Grace tried to move and was stopped by a shooting pain through her shoulders and back.

“What the hell happened,” Grace said to the empty room.

Grace managed to slowly sit up and let her eyes adjust to the bright sunlight streaming in through the window. She was in what appeared to be a bedroom, sitting in the middle of a large bed looking around, there was a night stand with a clock radio that read 8:12 am, a dresser with a mirror, a chair in the corner and the door was closed. Grace had no idea where she was, she was wearing a man’s gray button down shirt that was open and nothing else. Grace got off the bed and stood in front of the mirror that was on the dresser.

“Oh my God,” Grace said as she examined herself in the mirror.

Her hair was a mess, her eyes were bloodshot, there were red rough marks around her wrists and ankles, bruises and blood on her inner thighs. Grace scanned the room for her clothes, they were in a pile on the floor to the side of the bed, at least her shirt, jeans and boots were there no socks or underwear.

“Go figure,” Grace mumbled to herself.

Grace got dressed and left the room, she stumbled down a hall and into a living-room. She found the front door and went outside. Grace found herself standing in a driveway not quite believing what she saw, her Honda parked right there. Grace opened the door and her keys were sitting on the passenger seat.

Grace drove away from the house found route 18 and made her way back to The Candlelight Inn, she packed up her room and started driving south. Soon as she felt she was far enough out of town she pulled over into a rest stop, Grace’s hands shook as she lit a cigarette and tried to think of the last thing she remembered from the night before.

Grace remembered going to The Backdoor, playing pool having a few drinks, talking to the older guy, Sean. But didn’t remember leaving or anything else except waking up in that strange house.

Grace decided to drive south into the next big city and visit a hospital. She pulled up outside of St. Anthony’s Hospital and locked the Honda and walked into the emergency room entrance. Grace approached the check in desk and the attendant behind the glass asked what she was there for.

“I was drugged and sexually assaulted,” Grace said.

The attendant looked up at her, handed her a clipboard and asked her to have a seat. Grace took a seat and filled out the form, a nurse came over to her and offered her a bottle of water.

“It will be just a few minutes, would you like us to call in a police officer as well?” the nurse asked.

“Yes, thank you,” Grace said.


Grace sat and sipped on the water and waited, a women in a nice pants suit walked in and approached the check in desk. The attendant motion towards Grace and the woman walked over to her.

“Mrs. Summers, I am detective Sarah Miller,” she said.

Grace made eye contact with her and tried to smile, tears were welling up in her eyes. Grace knew she was exhausted and just wanted all of this over with. Detective Miller accompanied Grace back to an exam room, where she made her statement of what she could remember, photos were taken, blood was drawn and a rape kit collected.

Grace didn’t want to think too much about what was being done to her she just knew that it hurt and she wanted it over. Grace was allowed to shower and given clothes from the lost and found to wear, a dark blue tee-shirt, a pair of gray sweets and some slip on shoes. Detective Miller gave Grace her card and told her to keep in touch. Grace went to her Honda and sat trying to process what had just happened.

“I know it is the right thing to do, especially since I can’t remember,” Grace thought.


Grace knew she needed to get somewhere safe where she could rest. She drove south and knocked on Eric’s door.

“Grace, what the hell?” Eric said.

Grace entered Eric’s apartment handed him the large envelope that contained a copy of the police report she had filed. Made her way to the couch, laid down and closed her eyes.

“Just read it,” she said and fell into a sleep of exhaustion.

Eric walked over to the couch, slipped her shoes off and covered Grace with a blanket. Eric sat at the table and slowly read the police report.

“Jesus Christ,” he said to himself.

Grace awoke to the smell of coffee and bacon. She sat up slowly realizing how sore she was.

“Morning,” Eric said.

“Morning,” Grace moaned getting herself to sit upright.

“Eat and take the meds that were prescribed for you,” Eric said.

Grace took the plate of scrambled eggs, toast and bacon and slowly ate it all along with a cup of coffee. She took the morning after pills, some antibiotics, and ibuprofen. Eric came over and kissed her on the forehead.

“Doing ok so far?” He asked.

“As good as can be expected. Still can’t remember anything,” she answered.

Grace’s cell phone rang it was St. Anthony’s Hospital with her test results. Grace had been drugged with Rohypnol the date rape drug, no DNA was found in her rape kit and she was clear of any STD’s. Grace didn’t know Sean’s last name nor did she take note of where she woke up, she had given as much information as she could remember from her night at The Backdoor.

Grace got up and went to take a shower, she thought about John and what had really happened that night so many months ago. He came home drunk and started in on her the second he hit the door saying how he didn’t love her anymore and that he and his whore of an assistant Jenny were going to get married as soon as he could file for a divorce from Grace. Grace remembered how the thunder rolled and the lightning sparked through the sky that night as John rambled on and on about leaving her and moving on with his happy little life.

When John headed towards the stairs to go up to the bedroom how he tripped, some how, it happened all so quickly, he was yelling and going up the stairs and then there was a noise, a loud thump followed by a cracking sound.

Grace stood in the kitchen for a moment after that horrible sound and tried to wrap her mind around what had just happened.

She thought about their life together the falling out of love and how John had become so hateful over the last few years, the money and assets that she helped him build up and how now she was deciding to hide his body take it all and run. Grace went into the living room towards the staircase and there laying like a rag doll on the floor was John, or at least his body, the color draining from his face, he was not breathing, not moving.

She knew he was already gone, the cracking sound was John’s head splitting open on the marble tile that surrounded the base of the staircase.

Grace managed to wrap the body in garbage bags and drug it out to the backyard, where they had started to dig a hole for a pool to be put in, Grace dumped the body into the hole and covered it up. It was a long, tiring, messy night but it had to be done.

Grace stood over the covered body in the backyard and said “It wasn’t all bad John we just grew apart and you became rotten, like a piece of fruit left out to long on the counter.”

Grace made a mental note to make sure the foundation for the pool would be poured by weeks end and so it was.

John was forever sealed away under the new backyard pool.

Grace stood in the shower looking over the red marks and bruises left by the night she couldn’t and didn’t want to remember and thought to herself “Karma is a bitch.”


John’s Side

“Fuck, where is my tie, I am late for the 1:30 pm meeting,” John said.

“Relax, they will wait for you,” Jenny said, as she picked up his navy blue neck tie off the floor of the hotel room and put it around his neck.

“See there you go all dressed,” she said.

“Thank you, I love you,” he said and kissed her deeply.

“Love you too,” she said.

John gathered his wallet, keys, phone, and briefcase and left the hotel room. He took the elevator down to the parking garage and got into his car. His phone beeped while he was exiting the garage, one missed call, from Grace. John sighed

“Suppose I should call the wife back,” he mumbled to himself.

After his meeting, Jenny his assistant, came into his office.

“How did it go?” she asked

“Good, they will send over a contract next week,” he said. John’s phone rang it was Grace, he pushed ignore call, and looked at Jenny.

“When are you going to tell her?” she asked.

“Soon,” he answered.

John sat at his desk looking at the portrait of his wife Grace, they had fallen out of love years ago and now just tolerated each other. John had meet Grace one summer in Seattle, at a club downtown during the late 90’s. Grace was introduced to John through a friend of a friend and shortly after being introduced found themselves in a bathroom stall getting to know each other real well. John figured that the drugs and alcohol helped to spark their relationship into the whirlwind that it became shortly after meeting.

John Summers had just graduated with a degree in business and graphic design. It was all a blur they meet, partied, got married at City Hall. Then John took a job under the title of v.p. of a software company and they were off and running. They had built a life together nice house, two cars, played the happy couple at social events but their love had burned out after the first three years and during the last two years had lived like roommates rather than lovers.

John and his assistant Jenny had been sleeping together for over two years now. John had started out by saying he would never indulge with someone at work, but over the time spent together they had fallen in love. He had tried to ignore the butterflies he felt in his gut when she had first started working for him, the stolen glances across the room, the accidental touches in passing.

He ignored it till that one day, he had started the morning having an argument with Grace about never spending any time together anymore, and had stormed out of the house and to the office.

Jenny was there looking so pretty, with her long legs, bright blue eyes and bouncy blonde hair, there to listen. John had broke down in front of her and they ended up in a hotel room together during lunch. He talked, she comforted and listened, Jenny made the first move, kissing him on the cheek, that turned into a make out session followed by an afternoon fling.

John tried to push her away and not feel the warmth and comfort of her, telling himself it was just once a moment of weakness. But it was there a connection between them, that hole in his heart that he had been carrying around for years was now filled with her. Her passion for life, her understanding, her love.

John had started to prepare what he needed to say to Grace, how he needed to be let go, that they both needed to move on. That they were just suffocating each other by staying in a stalled relationship. It always sounded good in his head, but every time he started to get ready to confront her he chickened out not wanting to deal with the confrontation.

“You know instead of hotel rooms at noon we could be together in our own home,” Jenny said, after yet another lunch hour spent in a hotel room.

“I know, I want to tell her,” John said, Jenny stood in front of him, slid her arms around his waist and kissed him.

“Please do it tonight, I can’t wait any longer, I want to be home with you,” she said, he kissed her back.

“Ok, tonight,” he said.

John had a stop to make before going home to confront Grace. He drove out to the mall and went into The Jewelry Palace and picked up the engagement ring he had ordered for Jenny, he looked it over in the car and put it in the glove box.

John drove around for a while rehearsing in his head what he was going to say to Grace. He decided to stop and grab a drink hoping that it would help settle his nerves, he entered the Bar & Grill on main, ordered a hamburger a beer and a shot of Jameson.

About four shots and two beers later he felt brave enough to go talk to Grace. John parked his car in the garage and entered the house, Grace was standing in the kitchen and he just started talking wanting to get it all out and over with quickly, so that he could go back to Jenny.

“Grace, we’re done, I am leaving, I want a divorce. You are suffocating me, we need to move on. Jenny and I want to get married,” he said, it all came out quickly and his heart was racing and he was shaking.

John walked through the kitchen to the stairs to go up and grab a few things, before leaving. His shoes were wet from the rain, and he misjudged the step and slipped not being able to regain his balance his head hit the marble tile that surrounded the base of the staircase.

“Missing John Summers age 45, wt. 215 lbs, eyes brown, hair short, dark brown with streaks of grey,”  Jenny read to herself, as she hung up another flyer. She sighed and thought to herself I wish I knew where you were. Jenny brushed a tear away and continued on hanging up missing person flyers.


Jenny and James

Jenny continued to hand out flyers on her way back to her apartment. She slowly climbed up the steps to her studio apartment on the third floor of an older historical building downtown. As she stood in the center of the room a small navy blue gym bag in the closet caught her eye, John’s ‘gym’ bag she smiled to herself, John going to the gym was there cover for the past year. Every Wednesday night and Saturday afternoon John would come here and for the first while he carried the gym bag back and forth, then it just ended up in the closet.

Jenny let out a sigh and sat on the bed.

“I just want to know where you are,” she said to the empty room.

Jenny scrolled through her contacts on her phone, stopped, “I wonder,” she said and pushed call contact name James.

“Hello this is James Andrews, how can I help you?

“James it Jenny,” she said

“Hey, sis what’s up?” he answered.

Jenny explained her relationship with John and that he was now missing and that she didn’t know what else she could do. James took all this in and thought it through.

“Let me see if my friend from the academy is still around, last I remember he was out your way he should be a detective by now,” he said.

“Ok, thank you James, anything to help me find him. I just don’t understand what could have happened to him,”  Jenny said.

James sat his desk and thumbed through a stack of business cards till he found the one he was looking for.

“Thought so,” he said and dialed the phone.

“Hello, this is Detective Eric Stone,”

“Hey, detective this is Private Investigator James Anderson,”

“Wow, hi James, long time, so what’s up?” Eric asked.

James explained his sister’s predicament and it didn’t take long for Eric to put it all together. James hung up with Eric and packed his bag for a quick road trip. He was not only curious about what had happened to John but also felt it was past time to catch up with his sister and old friend.

Detective Stone sat at his desk in the downtown police station taking in that his old friend from the academy days was now involved, all because John Summers assistant was Jenny Andrews. “Small world.” He muttered to himself. Trying to figure out if Grace needed to be brought in on any of this.


Grace and James

James and Jenny arrived at Eric’s apartment right on time, James knocked. Eric answered the door.

“Hey, come in, take a seat. Can I get either of you a drink?” Eric asked.

“Sure I’ll take a scotch,” James said.

“No thanks,” Jenny said.

Grace came into the living room, Eric started to make the introductions but was cut off by James.

“Grace?” James asked.

“James? From Seaside? It’s been quite a while,” she answered moving forward to shake hands.

Grace had picked up James in a bar in downtown Portland about thirteen years ago, a good looking guy, with broad shoulders and sandy blond hair that he wore slightly shaggy. James had been long distance runner in college and still had the legs and abs to show for it.

James had bought Grace a drink and he explained his outlook on life, how it was an open road full of possibilities. Grace was sure this was a pick up line, but he was good looking and very nice to talk with, so being Grace she thought what the hell. They drove out towards Seaside to enjoy the day by the water.

“Seriously, Grace is there anyone you haven’t slept with? I’ll take a drink now,” Jenny said.

Eric handed her a shot of Jack and she downed it.

Route 18

“Hello, this is Detective Miller,” Sarah answered the phone.

“Hey, Sarah, It’s Detective Mark Thomas from Overland, I have a question for you about a report you took last fall concerning The Backdoor.”  

Detective Thomas explained the discovery of a female body not to far from The Backdoor and had found Sarah’s incident report on Grace.

Sarah called Grace.

Grace awoke to her phone beeping, she reached over to the nightstand. It said one missed call from Sarah Miller.  

“What the hell, does she want,” Grace said sitting up in bed.  

“What does who want?” Eric asked from the other room. Grace got up and joined Eric in the kitchen.  

“Detective Sarah Miller,” Grace answered.

Grace sat at the kitchen table and dialed the phone.

“This is Detective Miller,”

“It’s Grace Summers, you called?”

“Thanks for calling back, they found a body of a young women, out on route 18, just outside of Overland,” Sarah said.

“This has to do with me how?” Grace asked.

“She had similar markings on her, that match your report from last fall.”  

Grace just sat for a moment taking in what Sarah was saying. Another woman had gone to The Backdoor for a good time and now she is dead. Grace had tried not to remember that night, but pieces of it had begun to float back into her mind.

“You are the only one that has made a report about The Backdoor,” Sarah said.

“If you happen to remember anything else about that night it could help. Grace, she was only 23,” Sarah said.

“I will think about it,” Grace said and hung up the phone.

“What was that about?” Eric asked.

“A dead woman, was found out on route 18, I think I know who did it,” Grace answered.

Since coming back to Eric’s apartment after that forgotten night at The Backdoor, Grace and Eric had been playing house with each other like an old married couple. Grace felt comfortable and safe with Eric and Eric enjoyed having Grace around to look after.  

Grace and Eric decided to take a road trip out to route 18, to see if It would jog Grace’s memory. They drove north out of town, past Barney’s Bar & Grill, past The Northward Inn and into downtown Overland. It had been a while but it all looked the same, a quiet little town, of ordinary looking people going about their daily lives.  

They drove out towards route 18 and the truck stop. Then there it was the large warehouse looking building, surrounded by a small dirt parking lot that stretched out into a field of forgotten wheat. With just a simple small wooden sign over the door, The Backdoor it read. The parking lot was empty and it looked run down. They pulled into the parking lot and Grace pulled out a map of the area. She was looking for where she had woken up after that forgotten night at The Backdoor.  

“This may be something,” she said to Eric as they looked at a road that turned off of route 18 about a mile down.

“Let’s go check it out,” Eric started the car and they drove further down route 18.

They turned off on to a dirt road that twisted and turned into the woods, it was an overcast day but the dense trees made the road much darker that it needed to be. Eric flipped the switch for the headlights in Grace’s little Honda, as they continued along the dirt road. They came to a dead stop, a shiver ran up Grace’s back, making her shudder. A large two story, log cabin looking house stood in front of them.  

“That’s it. That is the house I woke up in,” Grace said. Eric took note of the house number and the name of the road they had turned on.

“We need to go talk to Sarah,” Grace said. Eric agreed and they headed back out of Overland.


Grace and Eric sat in the police station waiting to speak with Detective Sarah Miller.

“You can come back now,” an officer escorted Grace and Eric into an interview room.

“So what do we have?” Sarah asked.

“We drove out to The Backdoor and we found the house off of Route 18,” Grace answered.  

“The house you woke up in, but didn’t know where you were?”  

“Yep that one, it has an address, 870 West Ridge Rd. off of Route 18,” Eric said.

“Can we see the report on the dead woman?” Eric asked.

“Only because you are also a Detective and Grace was the only one to come forward,” she handed the file to Eric.  

Grace and Eric read over the report. Woman found naked, bruises on wrists and ankles. Scratches and bruising on inner thighs. Bruising around eyes and mouth, skin under fingernails. Identified as Anna Miller age 23. Eric looked at Sarah.

“Relation?” he asked her.

“She’s my niece,” Sarah said.   

“I will run the address and see if we can find and owner. I will let you know what I find,” Sarah showed them back out to the front entrance.

When Grace and Eric returned to Eric’s apartment, Grace wrapped her arms around Eric and kissed him deeply.  

“Thanks for helping me find the house,” Grace said.  

She lead Eric into the bedroom and pushed him down onto the bed, she unclipped her hair letting her red hair fall over her shoulders as she slowly started to take off her clothes, first sliding off her shoes. She swayed back and forth while undoing her jeans, sliding them down to her ankles and stepping out of them.  

Eric just laid back on the bed and enjoyed, Grace pulled her shirt off over her head and then undid her bra and slipped off her panties. She then moved to the bed and helped Eric take off his pants and shirt. She moved up and pulled down Eric’s boxers and discarded them to the floor. Grace lowered herself over Eric’s erect cock and slid it into her mouth, sucking and rubbing her hand along his shaft. Eric let out a moan of pleasure and leaned back on the bed, he ran his hands through Grace’s hair. She sucked harder and let his cock slide in and out of her mouth.

Grace stopped and move over on top of Eric, straddling his hips and sliding his hard cock into her wet pussy. Grace let out a moan, and Eric reached up and caressed her breasts, pinching her nipples, making them hard. Grace moaned and leaned back, pushing against Eric letting his cock slide deeper into her. She moved back and forth, thrusting faster and deeper, fucking Eric, till they came together.


The next morning Grace awoke to the smell of coffee brewing and the sound of bacon frying. Grace got up pulled on her robe and went into the kitchen.  

“Morning,” Eric said as he gave her a kiss and put a plate of scrambled eggs, toast and bacon down in front of her.

Grace started eating as he poured her coffee.

“So what’s up?” Grace asked in between bites.

“Sarah called this morning. She found a name,” Eric said.

Grace stopped eating and looked up at Eric.  

“It’s Sean isn’t it?” she asked, Eric just nodded.

“Finish eating and then we will figure out what you want to do next.”

Grace entered The Backdoor wearing her tight jeans, low cut black top and ankle boots. She headed over to the bar and ordered a shot of Jack, she downed the shot and hit the pool tables. A good looking guy in jeans and a t-shirt was shooting a game. Grace picked up a cue stick and make eye contact with the guy.

“Care for a game, best out of five?” Grace asked.

“Sure,” he said and racked the balls for a new game.

Grace took her time shooting this game of pool, watching the room and taking note of the older grey haired guy sitting towards the back of the room.  

A woman in her mid 30’s with shoulder length dark hair entered The Backdoor, she was dressed in dark jeans and a tight t-shirt that helped accent her nice chest. She took a seat at the bar ordered a beer and a BLT. While she ate her sandwich and drank her beer, she watched the crowd of people, some dancing, others eating and a few playing pool.  

“Would you like another or something stronger?” a male voice said beside her. She cleared her throat.

“I wouldn’t say no to a shot of Jack,” the woman answered.  She gave him a smile and he ordered her a shot and took the seat next to her at the bar.

“I am Sarah,” she said and put out her hand.

“Sean,” he answered shaking her hand.

They chatted about how warm it was getting so early into spring and other mundane daily small talk.

“One for the road?” Sean asked.

“Sure,” Sarah said.

Grace had finished her game of pool and was now standing behind Sean looking at Sarah. Sean ordered two more shots of Jack and turned away from Sarah before handing her the drink. Grace just watched as he slipped a small pill into the drink, it dissolved instantly. He turned back towards Sarah and handed her the shot.

“Cheers,” Sean said.  

“I don’t think so,” Grace said from behind Sean. He turned around to face her.

“We can take this outside,” she said, Sean agreed and walked out with Grace and Sarah into the parking lot.  

“Let’s go to your place, Sean,” Grace said.  

They walked over to Grace’s Honda, Sean and Sarah got in the back. Eric was behind the wheel Grace got in and they headed down Route 18, and turned on to West Ridge Rd. The car was dead silent, then Grace spoke.

“I want to see where you took me and what you did to me,” she said looking at Sean. He just sat there knowing he was outnumbered. They pulled up in front of the house and they all got out.

“Let’s go,” Eric said taking Sean by the elbow and leading him to the front door. Sean took out his keys and unlocked the door.  

“Show me,” Grace said.

He lead them through the kitchen to a door that had a padlock on it. Sean unlocked it, opened the door, flipped the light switch and they headed downstairs to the basement.

The cinder block walls were cold and damp. There was a faint smell of burnt candles, vanilla Grace thought to herself. There was a queen size bed against the far wall, it had a wooden foot and headboard. There were strands of red stained rope hanging off the four corner posts of the bed. The sheets on the bed were smeared with streaks of blood. Grace took a wooden kitchen chair from the side of the bed and placed it next to the foot of the bed.

“Sit,” she told Sean.

He took a seat on the chair, Grace then handcuffed his arms behind him and tied his ankles to the legs of the chair. Sarah and Eric just watched, allowing her to get her answers.  

“Why?” Grace asked.

“Why, not it was easy,” Sean said.

Grace moved towards Sean and straddled his lap, she leaned into him and whispered.

“Like it’s easy for me to make you hard,” she rubbed her hand along his crotch and he tried to move away. She could feel his cock starting to get hard.  

“What exactly did you do to me?” she asked he looked at her and smiled.

“Nothing you didn’t want or enjoyed,” he answered Grace moved off of him.

“You know what, I think we are done here,” Grace said.

She walked over to Eric, kissed him and he handed her his gun. Grace turned to look at Sarah, she nodded.  

Grace raised the gun and shot Sean in the head, his body when limp. Eric uncuffed and untied him. He fell to the floor.

Eric, Grace and Sarah went upstairs and put the padlock back on the basement door. When out to Grace’s Honda and drove back to The Backdoor to drop Sarah off at her vehicle.

Grace got out and gave Sarah a hug. She smiled at Grace and got into her car and drove away.  

Grace and Eric drove home. Eric reached over and squeezed Grace’s hand.

“I love you,” he said. She smiled and said.

“I know, I love you too.”

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