The Fractured Spheres. (Part I compiled, updated, & expanded)

The Wordsmithing World of Benjamin

Writer’s Note:

The World of the Spheres

In brief, this is what you need to know about the Spheres. It started with something called Starfall. The supernatural and the technological mingled in a strange apocalyptic event as seven alien moons descended on Earth. This left life ravaged and the population meager. The remaining people were brought together by a world religion in a place called the Spheres. It is made up of eight counties, or spheres, and there is a temple for each moon in seven of the eight counties, the eighth being a capital. These eight Spheres stretch across the eastern United States and Western Europe. Outside of this is considered wild lands and is reserved for outcasts and outlaws. This outlands boundary stretches along what is now called the Appalachian Mountains in the west and along Russia’s border to the east, curving down along the Sahara Desert.


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