History of a Constant Reader

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20180408_112129This is what you get when I’m avoiding doing anything productive. So enjoy.

My first taste of Stephen King’s words came to me Christmas of 1990, as I opened presents. One of these presents was a box, yes one of those gift boxes usually containing a sweater, from you great Aunt Betsy, that you will never wear, was full of Stephen King paperbacks from my Dad. Carrie, Christine, Different Seasons, IT, Eye’s of the Dragon, and Misery.

I started my journey into this strange horrifying but enticing world by reading Carrie. On Saturday nights from 10pm to Midnight I would listen to Dr. Demento on the radio and read Stephen King books. I remember devouring Carrie and Christine in a matter of hours. I then moved on to Different Seasons and IT. Finishing IT by the next summer, on a camping trip, laying in the tent taking in the words…

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