Question of the Hour: Why do you write?


I asked this question knowing that I would get a variety of answers, however I don’t think I can answer this question of myself. Maybe I could someday but writing and ‘being a writer’ is a new concept for me. Yes, I wrote in High School, and College, but the choice to write on purpose, when I don’t need to is different. I’ve been doing this for three years now and it’s been a learning experience to say the least. Whether it’s Edna’s Kitchen or Detective Stories with Detective James Andrews I try to keep in mind that I write for myself, I write the content and stories that I want to read.

Here are some others that chose to be writers and their words of wisdom when asked: Why do you write?


Marc Tizura

I write because I have these scenes and characters in my head playing things out. It looks like fun so I write down what they show me.

I get the satisfaction of getting out of my head no matter how strange the story maybe.

I would like to be published again like I was two years ago when I joined Twitter.


Neil Christiansen

Why do I write?

I’m not really sure. It’s possible, I suppose, that I could just decide not to. That I could put away my pens and notebooks and laptop, close up my office, lock the door and never think about it again. I think I could do that if I wanted to. I’ve never felt a compulsion to write.

But I love stories. I love books and movies and television. I’ve always loved stories and good characters and plot and surprise. I love adventure and I love laughing, and when I experience a story, a good story, it makes me feel calm and takes away my stress and worry.

I love hearing stories and I love telling stories, and so writing just feels natural. It’s where I derive my zen. I may not be a great writer, or even a good writer, but I am a happy writer. I’m happier when I’m writing than any other time and so I go back to it. I go back whenever I can to find my place and be in my home and when I’m there I feel safe and peaceful and hopeful.



Ann Muune

1) To appease the voices in my head.

2) To live a thousand lifetimes.

3) Hope to understand others better and entertain them for an evening.


Scott Thompson

I grew up daydreaming. Writing is a way for me to do something fun with that. Now I create new worlds and people. It’s also a thing that I do that feels right. I only feel right when I write.


Autumn Faraday

I write because, as frustrating as it can be at times, there is great joy in putting together a well crafted story. Someday I hope to write one. Until then, I’ll keep plugging away!

I used to focus on traditional publication. I’d pitch ideas, query WIPs, send first threes or full MS. I got a nice collection of “No Thanks”.  I was pitching category romance and there were very specific guidelines. I thwarted the guidelines. They didn’t have so much an issue with the story, but the elements I included.

I don’t really expect to get anything out of my writing these days. I enjoy doing it for the sake of the story. The act of creation alone is worth it.

I look at these excursions and maintaining the skill level so that when I have THE idea that just knocks me out, I can give it my all and if I’m satisfied with the results, maybe I’ll query.

In fact, I do have such an idea that’s been rattling around in my head for a while, but it’s such an overwhelming thought I worry about my ability to do it justice.


Marc Watson

Because I had stories to tell. It’s as simple as that.


Ben Shelor  

I write to live. I don’t think I’m me without writing. And obviously I want it to get me millions of dollars so I can buy an island and write more.


J.D. Heart

I write to help others find the calm in their storm. I hope to write something people can relate to while helping them lose themselves in a world better than their own.

I also write to relieve myself of the weight my words bring. putting them on paper into a story is the only way to release the pain.



Thank you to everyone that participated in our Question of the Hour, and check out their works. A few other notable writers that you can check out are:



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