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I am by no means a constant or avid reader, if a book holds my attention then I will read it. However this doesn’t occur often. That being said, what follows is a brief list of authors and books that I have read recently.    

Richard Chizmar


A Long December

Gwendy’s Button Box

I stumbled upon Richard Chizmar’s work because of his collaboration with Stephen King. I am glad that I did he has a raw talent for twisting the narrative of a short story. I devoured A Long December and am looking forward to getting my hands on The Long Way Home.  


Cori Lynn Arnold


Northern Deceit

Scalding Deceit

I know Cori Lynn Arnold from college, I know her in passing, one of those friend of a friend acquaintances. It took me awhile to get around to reading her work. But when I finally did I was not disappointed, I started with Northern Deceit and it sucked me in, the environment, characters and the fact that she wrote about where we had grown up was strangely nostalgic for me. I then read Scalding Deceit which was also entertaining and gave more backstory for the characters.          


Ken Bruen


Jack Taylor Series

Ken Bruen’s Jack Taylor Series is also something that I stumbled upon while hanging out at libraries and thumbing through the mystery/thriller section. There are now fifteen Jack Taylor books the last one set to be released in November of 2019. I have read eight of them, so far, enjoyable, immersive stories that you can get lost in.   


Chad A. Clark


Tracing The Trails: A Constant Reader’s Reflections on the Work of Stephen King

Then there is this, I consider myself a ‘Constant Reader’ of Stephen King’s works, so I figured I would check this interesting take on King’s works by Chad A. Clark. I consider it an indepth look at all of King’s works. Personally I don’t dissect fiction on such a level, writing, especially fiction, is a form of artistic expression, in my opinion. Open for interpretation, so what you get out of it, isn’t what I get out of it. All Art is Subjective. That being said, Chad A. Clark’s take on King’s work is interesting enough to read, (honestly one of those things I read when I couldn’t sleep.) I just don’t agree with some of his conclusions.


Flight or Fright: 17 Turbulent Tales

Edited by Bev Vincent


This was an outstanding collection of short stories all with the running theme of  ‘while on a plane’ I enjoyed all seventeen stories. I highly recommend this collection, just may not want to read it while flying.


To close this rambling post about books and authors I am going to list some of the other wonderful storytellers I have discovered over the last few years,  I recommend checking them out.

Marc Watson


Death Dresses Poorly

Catching Hell

A Land Without Mirrors: A Collection of Fantasy and Surrealism by Fluky Fiction


J.M. Sullivan


Alice (The Wanderland Chronicles #1)

Second Star (Neverland Transmissions #1)


Scott Thompson


Eight Days

The Confederate  


Paige Lavoie


A Girl Called Monster

Confidence: The Diary of an Invisible Girl


Mark Lumby


Most of Me

Bag of Buttons

Rats in the Loft


Neil Christiansen



Murder Ballad

Bishop Church


Alex K. Logan


Thor’s War


Some of my other blog posts about reading and writing.





Megan Hinde


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