Modest Means

Brenda tapped Sara on the shoulder to take over her register. Brenda was starting the second part of her eight hour shift. Deep into the full swing of Black Friday. A day that Brenda never looked forward to working. So many obnoxious, rude customers all demanding to be catered to. She logged into the register and looked out over the sea of people lined up with their overflowing carts. The vast amount of greed made her stomach turn.

Here she was twenty-three working retail in order to support herself. Her modest means, and simple lifestyle, she rented a rundown studio apartment, was vigilant about turning out the lights, keeping the thermostat at a comfortable sixties-five degrees and only took fifteen minute lukewarm showers. She utilized the public library for her entertainment needs, and used the neighbors Wi-Fi for her laptop when she needed to be online, which wasn’t often. She made a sack lunch everyday to take to work, consisting of either leftovers from the night before or a pb&j sandwich. She carried a refillable water bottle and never partook in soft drinks or junk food.

Her shoes were the newest thing she owned, they were her birthday present to herself last March after her previous pair had gotten a hole in the side of them. As she rang up another customer her thoughts ran to how wasteful people are. Buying all this prepackaged food, and useless plastic toys.

The line never stopped, customer after customer being driven by commercialism, capitalism and advertising. Then you must have X to be happy, make your loved ones happy by giving them X. Brenda kept the negative commentary running in her head to herself. As she continued to ring up customers and thank them for their purchases.

Before she knew it Julie was tapping her on the shoulder letting her know that her shift was over. Brenda signed off the register, walked back to the employee area clocked out and collected her jacket and lunch sack. Later that night Brenda turned on her laptop and logged into her banking site. She clicked on the savings account, and smiled. She had a plan, she was over half way to her goal. Brenda only had to get through one more Black Friday at the end of next year before she could start her dream life.

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