Question of the Hour Presents: Author Lee Hall

‘It’s all fun and games till you end up with an ability and the calling ‘to do the right thing’. Despite your lack of interest or ambition. The Teleporter is a funny, entertaining comical trip into an unforeseen superhero world. A sit back put your feet up entertaining read.’ -My Review of The Teleporter

I have found author Lee Hall to be one of the few genuine people on social media. His approach to helping other aspiring authors find their footing has been refreshing to watch unfold over the last year. With that said here is an author interview with Lee Hall.

Why do you write?  

Because I enjoy being immersed in stories above all. That concept of immersion is something I am always seeking while reading and eventually the love for that evolved into creating my own stories. To be able to go absolutely anywhere with the words I have crafted and to see it all come to life through that creative process is what I live and write for.   

What do you get out of it?  

So many things. And while the actual writing process is a solitary experience, I have found the unexpected results to be the most rewarding. We’re never fully in control of what happens after we send our work out into the world – how readers interpret our words in their own way just is one of these awesome unexpected resultants.  

At the moment I seem to be getting a lot of these unexpected things, most of which are driven by the fact I’ve kept going over many years no matter what, this eventually became rewarding. So I suppose what I have got out of it is moderate success and enough satisfaction to keep me writing. 

Where do you see it going?  

I used to laugh at the concept of me actually being a writer that pays the bills with my work but this is now a possibility in the near future. If I do keep going, this is something that will hopefully and eventually present itself. Things have gotten better for me in the past year compared to the other four I have been published. Of course, I’m grounded when it comes to big expectations because you never know what life could throw you but my overall aim is to make this my career in the future.  

Is writing what you thought it would be?  

Very early on I knew that writing stories would be a pain in the rear end but like anything worth having it takes work and even though it is hard, I enjoy it immensely. I never imagined back then that social media would be a thing, I’m showing my age here but when my dreams of becoming a writer formed, social media didn’t exist. We’re in an age where we are all so well connected to each other through it, that can be a challenge but the opportunity comes from how rewarding it can become.  

Writing is hard but putting in the time consistently will make it easier.  


What have you found beneficial in writing?  

Writing has given me a purpose in life that feels like more than a hobby. I am functional probably because having it as something to do works as a pillar that holds most things up in my life. Selling books and getting reviews can be a nice thing but to me writing has a value that I find within myself. To have purpose in this life is to be alive in my eyes.  

What has been a deterrent in your writing experience?  

This is an eye of the beholder type thing because if you feed the negativity inside you there are so many things out there that can act as a deterrent in writing. Sometimes I do feel like giving up after having a bad run of practically no sales or a few bad reviews but that’s normal to feel that way. A few years back I very nearly walked away from writing due to a lack of sales or any traction. This is a hard journey and there are so many things out there that might try to stop you, if it does get to me then I tend to take a break and practice a little self-care. Keeping expectations and setting realistic goals is how I stay away from being deterred in writing.  

Do you think writing as a career will continue to grow?  

Personally I think yes it will. In this age of constant need for content and the demand that drives it there is opportunity to make money for any author out there with a story and the drive to do so. It might take a lot of hard work and connections but it is possible.  

What was an unexpected surprise or experience you had while writing?  

Well I’ve had my fair share but this year back in February my superhero comedy ‘The Teleporter’ was downloaded 10,000 times in one day. After convincing BookBub to feature it, things kind of exploded on the day making me look a hell of a lot better than I actually am…  

The Teleporter eventually became an Amazon Best Seller and pretty much galvanized my belief that indie authors can find success in this business.  

What was a disappointment or struggle during your writing career?  

I think everything in writing is a struggle until you figure out a way to do it. That might sound a little confusing or even obvious but I have figured all of this out by struggling and working through the process gradually. There has been plenty of trial and error along with plenty of disappointment but expectation management is the best way to avoid it. 

I do sometimes find it disappointing how indie authors are generally perceived to be less valuable than traditionally published ones – we aren’t and our works are valid trust me.  

A universal struggle that all authors have is for reviews; the truth is readers don’t understand how valuable they are to us and that is something I am on a mission to change.  

What are you looking forward to going into the upcoming year?  

So I’m constantly busy – that’s kind of the fashion these days but I’ve got writing projects coming from all directions right now… My main priority as of now is to ensure the release of my self-help authoring and blogging guide goes well. Then I’m going to be editing previous projects I wrote over the past few years with a view of querying them to agents. I’m also about to hand over a script for a play I wrote back in 2019 for a performance hopefully slated for 2022. You can also expect the final book in my Order of the Following series to drop next year. In the meantime I’ll be blogging, tweeting and reviewing books with an aim to support fellow wordsmiths.  

Do you have any closing thoughts?  

Thank you for the opportunity to talk about writing. I don’t get many opportunities to be interviewed so it is very much appreciated.  

For any writers reading this, my advice above all is to keep writing – eventually everything else will align if you keep going and a book can be successful many years after launch. I found success by convincing one person at a time to invest in me as a person long before my work. All of those wonderful people you connect with will be there for you on launch day, trust me!


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  2. Dave Williams · May 18, 2021

    I enjoyed reading “The Teleporter,” and I was interested to learn more about Lee Hall’s thoughts on writing. He provides great info on his blog, but this interview was a good overview of his background. Thanks for posting the interview!

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