Rambling Review: Lee Hall’s Open Evening

Lee Hall’s Open Evening (The Order of the Following Series)

“Hell I know Spike is the best looking and Xander has all the best lines,” I said. A smile began to emerge from Josie’s face.

That is the best thing I’ve read in a while. Lee Hall has a way with words, keeping it a fast paced, action driven horror story, and yet keeping it light hearted with the pop-culture references. Nods to using Buffy as comic relief in Open Evening.

As someone that consumed a lot of media growing up, everything from Saturday Morning Cartoons to Sitcoms to Night Time Dramas. The 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s were some of the best in T.V. pop-culture. In my personal experience. I did warn you that this is a rambling review.

Before I dive in, get yourself a beverage. I recommend water, because even though it’s now September it’s still hot, everywhere. Or grab a tea, coffee, soda, bloody mary or a shot of whisky, dealers choice. On to the gritty details. 

Open Evening has strong writing, believable dialogue and enduring characters. 

I’m a picky reader, not a whole lot holds my attention. Lee has a writing style that not only holds your attention but makes you invested in these characters with their personalities and quirky traits. Our band of misfits, Luke, Josie, and Buster are thrust into a horrific event that only the strong willed will survive. 

Now, picture if you will in your mind’s eye a world racked with chaos: (in comic or graphic novel style) we start with an exterior shot of a typical American High School. It’s dark out and a small group of teens are gathered by a side entrance. Awaiting their community responsibility of attending the schools ‘Open Evening’, where the public comes to tour the school. There is a loud noise and the lights go out. Cut to everyone scattering. Creatures start pouring out of the school, action and carnage ensue. Our band of teens Luke, Josie, and Buster run for the locked gate. Then the sound of a school bus engine cuts through and the bus speeds towards the locked gate. And then…go read the book you won’t regret it.       

The Order of the Following Series 

‘The occult can take many forms. From mind hive monsters that live on the fringes of small towns to the remnants of those who hunt and take them down. In between you’ll find vampires, witches and of course the good guys who eventually band together to fight the darkness. This is the Order of the Following, an immersive, thrilling and action packed roller coaster spread over eventually 5 stories or a pentagram of events…’   

Now that my beverage is empty, I highly recommend that you (dear reader) go check out Open Evening and if it entertains and holds your imagination you should check out the entire The Order of the Following Series. Cheers to you all, Read a Book, Leave a Review…It’s always appreciated. 

On a side note and just for fun, my nit-picky vocabulary complaints. 

Flashlight not Torch 

Color is not spelled with a u

You used trunk when talking about the taxi but then used bonnet instead of hood

Not even going to start on the word Trousers. 

Lee Hall’s Books


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    A huge thank you to Megan for reviewing my debut novel ‘Open Evening’ which turns 5 in a matter of days!


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