Giving the Gifts of BOOKS

As usual we need some music to set the mood:

All I want for Christmas is…BOOKS. That works right? 

With the Holiday Season right around the corner here is a list of book recommendations for your gift giving. Books are universal and beloved by many so why not give them as gifts. Growing up I can recall many holidays and birthdays where books were given.

Giving the Gifts of BOOKS  

Dark White 

By Neil Christiansen

A modern noir thriller. Gavin Gayle is a myth, a Chicago urban legend. The man that takes care of things when the justice system fails. The shocking truth is, he’s real. Sent to prison unjustly, he is secretly released in order to exact revenge on the unjust by a corrupt State’s Attorney. His life is a secret that she controls. When Gavin’s ex-girlfriend is accused of the murder of a Justice Department lawyer looking into Chicago corruption, Gavin must choose between saving his own life or hers. Intrigue, deception, and murder propel this nail biting thriller to its shocking conclusion. The only question is, who survives?

Neil Christiansen has a way with words and imagery that pulls you into the gritty underworld of Chicago, in his modern noir thriller Dark White. Dynamic characters finding their way through the gray landscape of morality. Hold on it’s quiet the ride. -My Review 

The Ghost Beside Me

By Lee Hall

The paranormal is a subject that E. Neville holds with the utmost content. Being an introvert by choice, he leads a lonely existence full of torment and anxiety for his affliction of preferred solitude. In this diary account Neville shares much of his woes and while settling into a new living space he begins to encounter a series of night-time disturbances like no other. Soon after he faces a battle of self-doubt and belief that something could be reaching out. Is this all a dream? Or is a soul of the ‘departed’ persuasion trying to make contact for a reason? Eventually they make an acquaintance which becomes much more as the barrier of life and death is broken by the power of love. 

Sweet, enduring and unique. I enjoyed the diary or journal style entries. It helps illustrate Edwards thoughts and perception of his experience. Also the description of room 4 is perfect, it sucks you in, so that you are there with them in that little quaint room. Full of moving descriptions, believable dialogue and heart, a must read, anytime of year. -My Review 

Stuck That Way and Other Quandaries 

By Julie Kusma

A collection of spine-tingling paranormal horror short stories including:STUCK THAT WAY where a boy in a parallel universe plays a forbidden game and finds himself stuck in an unfamiliar place. 

Six well crafted creepy, grotesques, makes your skin crawl short stories. That are enjoyable and slightly thought provoking. Julie Kusma definitely has a way with words, and a natural talent for crafting compelling short stories. -My Review 

The Nightshade Cabal

By Chirs Patrick Carolan

All Isaac Barrow wants is to be left alone to pursue his supernatural research and tinker with his inventions. But when you’re the only technomancer openly practicing the craft in 1880s Halifax, trouble has a way of finding you. When a routine mechanical service call reveals the grisly handiwork of the Nightshade Cabal – an underground cult of necromancers – Barrow finds himself in a race against time to put a stop to the Cabal’s depredations before they can kill anyone else and turn them into… office machinery?

Then there’s the mystery of Emily Skye, a missing teenager with strange abilities of her own. Believing her disappearance to be connected to the Nightshade Cabal, Barrow agrees to help track down the missing girl. But even if he can find her, will Miss Skye aid him in his struggle against the Cabal? Or might she turn out to be the deadliest threat of all?

Chris Patrick Carolan’s debut novel The Nightshade Cabal pulls you into a dark, mysterious world of magic and lore. With Isaac Barrow leading you down into a familiar yet new world of 1880’s Halifax. Imagery that sucks you in drenched in rich detail and mystery, The Nightshade Cabal is a trip worth taking all the way to the end. I look forward to Chris Patrick Carolan’s next journey. -My Review 

Death Dresses Poorly

By Marc Watson 

Ethan is a directionless twenty-something who has finally cast off the heartbreaking responsibilities of his broken boyhood home, but not without irreversible scars and sarcasm. After surviving a tragic accident, he begins to suspect he may actually have something to live for. Is it a hidden purpose? His new beginning? Finding a decent cup of coffee? The answer is unclear, until one morning a familiar stranger appears. The poorly dressed man at Ethan’s door seems to have all the answers. But with those answers comes a grave proposition. Witty and realistically sarcastic; full of self-redemption and the dark, cosmic inner-workings of life and death. Comically sharp yet lighthearted, Death Dresses Poorly is the bittersweet tale of a young man’s journey through the discarded baggage of his childhood. 

A dark, comical acid trip with death as your guid

An outstanding job on mixing everyday life with the unknown. An enjoyable read filled with humor and emotion. You will surely enjoy the trip. -My Review 

(In)Valid Circumstances: A Collection of Dark Tales & Oddities 

By Howard Hachey

Bloody anklets and ancient deities

Obsessed stalkers and LSD mishaps

Poetic street fights and faceless beauties

Interdimensional demons and prophetic TV ads

Grumpy old widowers and pink bathwater

These are just a few of the dark tales and oddities found within this collection of stories by Howard Hachey (author of The Doll Man Duology).

Whatever weirdness you might be into, (In)Valid Circumstances is an anthology worthy of any short story lover’s shelf.

What a trip. A little Orwellian, a little horrific, but a trip worth taking. Howard Hachey has a unique talent for making you think while grossing you out. ‘Soupy’ is a word that will never have any other context except how it was used in this collection. Highly recommend to any one that enjoys The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchcock Presents…Oddities in deed. -My Review 

And Of Course My Own:

Detective Stories 

By Megan Hinde 

Collection of detective stories featuring Detective James Andrews. “Secret admirer?” Officer Roberts asked handing Detective James Andrews a red heart shaped box, wrapped with a white ribbon. “Not likely,” James said, taking the box, setting it down on the desk in front of him. James pulled the white ribbon that made a bow around the box. He slid the top of the box up, lifting it off. “What the…” James pushed back from his desk standing up. “Get a crime scene kit up here,” He ordered.

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    Let’s toss this one around again, since it’s now December. Happy Holidays -buy books- -leave ratings and reviews-


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