Random Words-A Collection of Flash Fiction -an Excerpt

The following is a collection of flash fiction pieces that I have written from the suggestions of others. Created out of three things: An Item, A Place, and A Name/Occupation. Thank you to all that have participated over the last few years, it’s most appreciated. 

Coffee Black

Mr. Davis sat in the center of the downtown mall, playing Billy Joel’s Piano Man. Watching the people go about their day. As he played he took note of the pretty, cute redhead that works at the coffee shop. She would linger by the door watching him play. He caught her eye and motioned a come here finger towards her. She smiled, looked to see that no one was waiting for service, and hurried over. “Yes,” she said. Mr. Davis smiled at her. “Can you bring me a regular cup of coffee?” 


Davis pulled himself away from the flaming wreckage of the Learjet. Watching the Rothschild International name blaken and peele away engulfed in flames. Davis sat up against a palm tree, catching his breath. He took out his cellphone and tried to figure out where he had crashed. They were headed back to Miami from Bermuda when the plane’s engines shut off mid flight. Dropping the plane like a brick. He looked at his phone and opened the mapping application. A message popped up. “Welcome to hell Davis, enjoy your stay for eternity in the Devil’s Triangle,” 

Davis dropped his phone and gazed out at the bright blue sea.

Hannah Helps

Katie sat in the library, looking for inspiration for her next book. She had mentally hit a wall with her Hannah Helps mystery series. Hannah hadn’t helped anyone since before Thanksgiving. Katie glanced out the window right as the lights came on lighting the Christmas tree that stood in the center of town. Her eyes glazed over as she watched the bright colorful lights twinkle in the darkness. She tapped her fountain pen, the one her Uncle Thomas had given her the Christmas after she had graduated from St. Lawrence University. An idea crept into her mind as she mentally played Silver Bells in the background of her mind. Katie put pen to paper and the words for her next Hannah Helps mystery poured out onto the pages of the yellow legal pad. 

Dentz’s Deli on 5th

Jerry Whitman was making his weekly rounds drumming up some business for his vacuum cleaner business in New York City. It was a little after one when he entered Dentz’s Deli on 5th for some lunch. He ordered a pastrami on rye, with extra mustard, a garlic dill pickle spear, with a bag of chips on the side and a tall iced tea with a wedge of lemon. As he was enjoying his lunch a young man in a navy blue tracksuit ran in and headed into the back of the small deli.

“What do you mean you lost it?” a loud male voice asked.

The next thing Jerry heard made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.

‘Twack’ followed by a muffled scream. 

A large man holding a rusty butcher’s knife came out of the back and asked Jerry if he could get him anything else.

Jerry shook his head.

“No thank you, I am fine,” 

“Ok, then,” the man walked towards the back.

Jerry wrapped up the rest of his lunch and left.   


Louis Smalls turned the envelope over in his hand as he exited the downtown post office. He knew what was contained in the lavender colored envelope with feather light scrolling addressing it. He knew that as soon as he opened the envelope, there would never be another one from her. His love, his life. Lucinda had traveled back east to Philadelphia, her Aunt Veronica had fallen ill and her mother begged for Lucinda to return home to help. It had been a long bitter cold winter, Louis found comfort in receiving Lucinda’s letters over the dreary months. One day in early March an envelope of a different color arrived in Louis’s P.O, Box. This one was a dark blue with hard block letters addressing its front. As he stood outside the downtown post office reading from the dark blue letter, his knees buckled and he sank to the pavement. His heart ached from the devastating news. Lucinda, his Lucinda, with the fair skin and long locks of auburn hair had fallen ill with the fever. And had not survived. Now looking down at the lavender envelope and sliding it in between the pages of the Robert Frost that sat beside his bed. Louis laid down and drifted off to sleep. Knowing that one day he would open the lavender envelope, letting Lucinda go forever. 

Random Words -A Collection of Flash Fiction

 101 unique pieces of flash fiction ranging from 24 words to 1,027 words.

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