The Second Bar


201511140025438caOk quick explanation, this short piece is inspired by the lyrics from Set Fire To The Third Bar by Snow Patrol, when it was pointed out to me that they mention the first and third bar but not the second. So there you go on with The Second Bar.

Lucy entered the bar on 2nd street looking for him. The guy she had gotten a glance of at the last bar over off of 1st avenue. She was determined to find out his name.

Lucy took a seat at the bar.

“What can I get you?” the bartender asked.

“Scotch on the rocks,” she answered, the bartender grabbed a glass, dropped a few cubes into it and poured.

“Thanks,” she said as he set it in front of her.

She took a sip of the Scotch as she scanned the bar for him.

As she finished off…

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History of a Constant Reader

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20180408_112129This is what you get when I’m avoiding doing anything productive. So enjoy.

My first taste of Stephen King’s words came to me Christmas of 1990, as I opened presents. One of these presents was a box, yes one of those gift boxes usually containing a sweater, from you great Aunt Betsy, that you will never wear, was full of Stephen King paperbacks from my Dad. Carrie, Christine, Different Seasons, IT, Eye’s of the Dragon, and Misery.

I started my journey into this strange horrifying but enticing world by reading Carrie. On Saturday nights from 10pm to Midnight I would listen to Dr. Demento on the radio and read Stephen King books. I remember devouring Carrie and Christine in a matter of hours. I then moved on to Different Seasons and IT. Finishing IT by the next summer, on a camping trip, laying in the tent taking in the words…

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