Three Days


The Call (Wednesday Night)

Jane’s phone rang, she looked at the incoming call, Charlie it read.

“Fuck, only one reason for him to call.” She answered the phone.

There is only one reason for someone that hasn’t seen or spoken to you in over 20 yrs to call at night out of the blue. That reason is because someone has died.

Charlie is Jane’s younger brother, the middle child. The one that pushed the boundaries and broke the rules but was never punished. Unlike Jane who was the oldest and only daughter that was given responsibilities of starting dinner, helping her two younger brothers with their homework, daily chores and routines.

A constant loop of get up go to school, come home do chores, eat dinner, go to bed. Rinse and repeat. Which she did, followed the rules did what was asked of her, gave lip-service. A regular people pleaser. Till…

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Bus Stop


I work as a waitress at a bar and grill called The Lodge, I work late afternoon early evening. I walk pass the same guy at the same bus stop every day, he’s good looking early 30’s, average build about 6 feet tall, short dark hair and wear’s glasses. He is either coming home from work or going to work, I can’t quite tell, he is always wearing black work boots, dark blue work pants, and a black Carhartt work jacket.

He enjoys an energy drink along with a cigarette every time I see him, so one day I took it upon myself to pass out some two for one drink special flyers on my way to work. I crossed the street and walked past the bus stop and made eye contact with his dark green eyes, and smiled at him as I invited him to get a drink at The Lodge…

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So, what’s happening?

Mark Lumby

Well, not as much as most indie writers out there who seem to be placing submissions everywhere at the moment. I will get to the point where I’m writing more, but unfortunately I’m not at the stage where I’m writing 3 books a year! I’m a slow burner!

But what I have written this year is a short story called ‘Lord of the Harvest’ which I submitted to Matthew Cash charity anthology by the name ‘Hymnbook’. The paperback is out now, or download the ebook from 14 June.

ClickHymnbook for information.
I also released the large short story ‘Bag of Buttons’ and is available at Amazon for download.

ClickBag of Buttons for more information.
The novel ‘the unlikely kind’ is still being edited but I really want to get this one out there.

But next up will be another short story called ‘Rats in the Loft’ followed by…

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After the Glory



You know that feeling you get when you are at a point in your life where you don’t know what’s next. But you know it makes you feel sick to think about it. That tight knot in the pit of your stomach the metallic taste you get in the back of your throat knowing that you’re going to throw up no matter how hard you fight it. This is that point in life for Thomas, he knows whatever happens next, whatever decisions he makes now in his life will determine the path that he will be on until it’s end.
He stepped off the ship and onto the dock, his time as a marine was over, he had enlisted straight out of high school. Went through basic and was shipped straight into the Battle of Peleliu, during November of 1944.
It was now October of 1945 and PFC Thomas…

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My Voice

Get in My Head

Please don’t hate
The way I articulate
There’s no judgment here
Just you running in fear
It’s not just my hobby
No need to lobby
I’m not going anywhere
I just want to be here
In the present
Learning to represent
My feelings and emotions
And all my new devotions
To those who want to listen
Because this administration
Only wants to take
So we need to be awake
And stand strong
From those who do wrong
They drag us down
Making us look like clowns
Because we’re blind
Not of the same mind
So we surrender
To this fender bender
And give up
Stuck in a pileup
With no hope
So we learn to cope
With mediocrity
Drowning out the minority
Forgetting how to sympathize
No longer are we civilized
Stepping on toes
We bulldoze
Those who want to speak
Instead we critique
Every human
Adding onto the confusion

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Still Reaching

After many years of staying home getting to raise my son, and not needing to work. The money I would have been making would have gone to child care, which seems kinda redundant. Now that my son is older and the economy has changed I need to work just so we can get by. These are some of the interviews I had.


Greenwood Senior Center March 2016

Applied for a volunteer position, interviewed, was hired as prep-cook for the lunch program.

The Home Depot June 2016

Applied online​, got called back by a recruiter, did two different interviews, was hired as a cashier. Went to orientation, worked full-time in Seattle.

Kroger August 2016

Ended up in Marion Illinois Kroger held a job fair walk in interview event. I stood in line with 100 other people and was one of 12 to be hired on the spot.

Kmart September 2016

Simple quick hired as a cashier full time till store closed in December 2016.

City Market November 2016

Answered questions about how to promote a grocery item, I chose a box of cereal.

City Market March 2017

Was contacted by City Market/King Soopers recruiter did same questions as before, even the cereal one.

Walgreens March 2017

Went in did an assessment test, got called did interview, answered questions about how to handle customers.

Community Budget Center April 2017

Walked in applied, talked to manager, was explained to about it being non-profit board run. Came in for interview answered questions about team effort.

Murdoch’s April 2017

Three people asking various questions about who I am, what my experiences are. Why I moved so much, and the icing on the cake, “What does the golden rule mean to you.” *isn’t that a religious based question?*

After a rash of interviews I am still looking for something, I search and apply everyday.

Now, we are trying to get into a house, with a roommate, because overall it will be cheeper for all of us to share a house. Instead of each paying for separate apartments.

The thing that kills us in doing this is coming up with the deposit, those of us that live pay check to pay check go without​ when the money runs out. It’s simple on paper you get paid, you pay your rent, utilities, transportation costs. Then you get by on what’s left for food, clothing and the unexpected. (like your kid get a stomach virus for three days) which leads to extra laundry. An expenses you weren’t planning on.

I look for and try to take advantage of all the community programs, food banks, commoties distribution, thrift stores ect… However the timing and locations of these events are not always convient.

I don’t like having to ask for help, but sometimes it’s necessary.

I also wrote about being homeless, and right now I am doing everything possible not be homeless again.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for sharing and passing along my story.

And if you want to know about me.

Thank you again 💙

Forever Grace


The Royal Flesh

Kent rolled over and glanced at the empty side of the bed. “Guess she already left,” he mumbled as he staggered into the bathroom. He stepped into the shower and let the warm water flow over him.

While he got ready for another mundane routine day of work, he wondered how it got to this point.

Kent Miller had meet his wife Jennifer Daniels seven years ago, in a club. Kent had been in and out of odd jobs over the years, at this time he was working as a bouncer at Jake’s Night Spot.

Jennifer had come in with a bachelorette party, she was stylish, confident and cute. Kent had found himself watching her most of the night, how she talked, what she drank, and how she played with her hair.

Being someone that goes after the moment he asked her to take his number. A…

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